Elohim Saga Chapter I

The Vaults of the Inferno

Elohim Saga Chapter I: The Vaults of the Inferno
XP = 1600
STARDATE: 2128.06.01

Admiral Tracy Lochlay and Doctor Shuvers Aellyez have studied the dangerous Elohim Empire data found by Orto Purell de la Torre and have started a secret mission to investigate it. Judge Lovotz is in charge of the mission as he also wants to discover the truth about what The Fraals have been hiding all this time about the long lost Elohim race. The crew of the GCS Penelope are sent to study the Elohim Ferro Lab 2 in planet Inferno when they find Orto and some members of the Dynamite Gang.

After destroying the security system (four huge elementals) they extract three artifacts from the vault: two data crystals and one functional engine.

Angelicus tries to stop them and to take the engine to destroy his planet but they escape. Now they have to move to planet Petra in the Ringunmor Star Consortium.

Data Found:

Average Encounters CR: 8
4 Huge Elementals (Air, Water, Earth, Fire)
Elohim Tech
Angelicus and a mob of his followers

1 standard day

Next Destination:
Inferno (36B5) – > Petra (42B5)
6 sectors (x10 LS = 3.6 days per sector) = 21.6 days

_ Treasures Found:
Doctor Shuvers Aellyez send a SENCOMP already programmed to translate the Elohim Language (2 points) and Computer Use + 2 (Understand how to use alien computer).
Elohim Data Crystals (x2)
Elohim Timeless Engine

_ Adventure XP: 1600

Judge Lovotz
First Officer Kran’Kiz’kosh
Lt. Commander Penelope
Nikola the Vile
Ziz Eris
Ensign Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan

NPCs (Special Appereance):
Orto Purell de la Torre

NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry with information about the adventure from the point of view of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure receives a 25xp award.

NOTA: Corregi los xp de 2400 a 1600. Los había escrito mal.


Mario, cuando me contaste la aventura por teléfono, me comentaste que Vengance, el personaje de Izander estaba y lo lo veo en la lista.

Elohim Saga Chapter I

Corregido, ya lo a~nadi

Elohim Saga Chapter I


Elohim Saga Chapter I

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