Elohim Saga Chapter IV

The Mines of Petra

Elohim Saga Chapter IV: The Mines of Petra
XP = 2000
STARDATE: 2128.06.23

The group discover that the plague on Vakiria Mines is a cover up for an operation of The Future to discover the location of the LiFinesh Device. Victor A., disguised as Doctor Michael Vidal is torturing the leaders of the Vrusks’ hive including the Queen and Priest Ouro-kcazak. Orto Purell de la Torre saves both from The Future and from Vengance who is trying to torture and kill them.

Meanwhile Kran’Kiz’kosh organizes a revolution between the Vrusks workers, uses the Warhammers own communications and Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan refit one of the mining vehicles to serve as a battle tank.

2128.06.23 – Petra – The first revolution of the Vrusks that lived for more than 2000 years in the Vakiria Mines happens when is discovered that the organization called The Future is faking the disease to take into custody the leaders of he Vakiria Mines and torture them for information about the location of the LiFinesh Device. A rumor about a member of The Fraals leading the first attack and the rescue of the Vrusks Queen Mother remains unverified. The uprising is shortly controlled by the Warhammers and when the Baron declaring not knowing anything about the events.

2128.06.23 – PetraVictor A. retrieves the LiFinesh Device from the Vakiria Mines. Priest Ouro-kcazak confess that they have been hiding the Elohim Empire device for more than 2000 years because they couldn’t destroy it. He tell everybody that “violence will wake the sleeping one”.

At the end Victor A. escapes with the device in the stolen starship LMC Blue Nebula. Judge Lovotz is able to acquire one of his PL8 Sencomps with some data. (That information will be posted shortly.)

Information found on the PL8 data storage of The Future shows that Victor A. has been studying and tracking the Elohim Empire artifacts for 10 years. He has marked artifacts that could be activated and used to track the LiFinesh Device if the device becomes active. The artifacts are:
Planet Aleer on the Aleerin Empire Museum, a broken PL8 astronomical computer.
Planet Estormia 2 on the Science Complex of Ayla, a broken PL8 weather control machinery.
Planet Ki’inroh on the Kaloe District Science Labs, a broken PL8 artificial insemination machine.
Victor A. also found out that the LiFinesh Device has an Artificial Intelligence that could be dormant for centuries waiting for the correct command to awake.

2125.06.23 – Petra – A series of leads move the Warhammers of planet Petra to pursuit and capture (and kill) the members of the Celacanto Crew under two accounts of sabotage, one assassination and conspiracy against the Baron. Later, charges related to their involvement into the False Plague Event on the Vakiria Mines and their association to the criminal organization called The Future makes the Baron condemn all of them to death.

Average Encounters CR: 8
The Future’s Nestor Clone Crew
Victor A.

10 hours


_ Adventure XP: 2000

Average Party Level:
First Officer Kran’Kiz’kosh
Nikola the Vile
Ziz Eris
Ensign Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan

NPCs (Special Appereance):
Orto Purell de la Torre

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with information about the adventure from the point of view
of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure
receives a 25xp award.


Ziz meets with her new Aerian friend in Lae Usdod. They have a conversation about the state of things and Ziz sneaks Lae’s Father and Grandfather aboard the Penelope while they finish resupplying the ship for departure.

Elohim Saga Chapter IV

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