Elohim Saga Chapter IX

The Phoenix Fleet

Elohim Saga Chapter IX: The Phoenix Fleet
XP = 2500
STARDATE: 2128.07.03

NOTE: The events related to Belladona finding an antidote to the MNEMO-N1C Compound and giving to Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan the formula to use the Elohim Timeless Engine happen between adventures.

The join forces of the Galactic Concord, N’sss Colonies and The Fraals move to intercept the Phoenix Fleet.

The Galactic Concord sends a package of data to the [N’sss Colonies]] with a diplomatic message for the Elohims. They have been out of the galaxy for 2000 years. They should put down their weapons, adapt to the new era post Elohim Empire, make peace with all races and colonize a planet to start over.

2128.07.02 – The N’sss Colonies fleet with the help of other ships from the Kroath Space intercept the Elohim Empire Dreadnaught and send the message only to be respond with violence. The communications are intercepted but is clear that the Phoenix Fleet is winning the battle. Damage to the fleets includes the destruction of the majority of the ships.

2128.07.03 – The Fraal Starcity CH1C4G0 move to the source of a communication jamming that is cutting communications between the N’sss Colonies and the Galactic Concord. They find the LMC Blue Nebula who is PL6 but has been modified with a PL8 system by Patricio. When boarded by Fraals Soldiers they find the crew as slaves of the machinery to improve the computer and Victor A. connected to the machine as a type of pilot or trigger. The ship explodes as do a set of mines cloaked around the area. The Fraals’ ship receive minimum damage.

2128.07.03 – The crew device a plan who they place in motion with the help of The Fraals and Ambassador Vosh. Judge Lovotz convinces the bioship Vorlona to participate. They will move the Elohim Timeless Engine to the NCS Vorlona to use it as a chronoportation engine and appear inside the “belly of the beast”, the Dreadnaught. Then, lower the machine into the enemy ship and modify it to turn it into a bomb. At the same time that a team of marines was defending the mission, a second group moved to the shield generator and disable the shields to allow them to escape. Orto Purell de la Torre piloted the Vorlona out of the mounstrous starship and they escaped the effect of the bomb that aged the ship and everyone in it until they turned into stardust.

2128.07.03 – During their encounter with Admiral Hauervall and Patricio, Ambassador Vosh opens his environmental suit/armor and reveals himself to control the Elementals that are attacking the heroes. It is revealed that the N’sss are good Elohims who have been hiding their real nature for more than 2000 years.

2128.07.03 – The Phoenix Fleet is destroyed and both Admiral Hauervall and Patricio are dead but Priestesses of the Crimson Sun and what is left of the EloNet is still working but the physical location of the Priestesses is unknown (should be one of the active nodes. Only one known terminal exists and is Angelicus’ and he using it to listen to his gods…

Admiral Hauervall
Phoenix Fleet

1 day

Next Destination:
Who knows?

_ Total Wealth:
__ All members of the group gain 2 points of Wealth from the adventure.
__ Galactic Concord members have 1 point of wealth reimbursed (if they expended it during the adventures.
__ Members of the Dynamite Gang marked below with and asterisk (*) retrieved enough Elohim Empire’s devices to gain 1 extra wealth points each.

_ Adventure XP: 2500

Average Party Level:
Irymer *
Ziz Eris *
Orto Purell de la Torre *
Vengance *
Kran’Kiz’kosh *

NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry
with information about the adventure from the point of view
of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure
receives a 25xp award.


¡¡¡Buen trabajo!!!

Elohim Saga Chapter IX

“It is revealed that the N’sss are good Elohims who have been hiding their real nature for more than 2000 years.”

Si hay Elohims buenos Orto puede cambiar…

Elohim Saga Chapter IX

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