Mithological Robot.


Race: Artificials
Sex/Born: Unknown/125 (estimated)
Origin: Earth
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Unknown
Advancement: Smart:5/Technomage:10/Shadowjack:10
A-6 -Also known as Axis, Alpha The Sixth and Asix, is a legendary character both powerful and intelligent. Legend tells that he’s an android that has been traveling the galaxy for centuries hiding in a human visage and using his knowledge of magic. No one knows how he looks like or where he is.
2127.02 – Cyberdome – A-6 to Penelope Ranger: “You assume that I could exist: You were right. You assume I could have encounter the void: You were close. You assume I know what it is: You were wrong. You assume I know how to destroy it: You were hopeful.”
A-6 to Penelope Ranger: “In front of you there are two weapons. A disassembled plasma pistol and a functional gravity grenade. Your crewmates are down there in danger, they are going to die if you don’t help them. If you use the grenade, you can kill the enemies, but that could kill your crewmates too. If you take your time to ensemble the plasma pistol you’ll be able to do a more accurate shot to your enemy and save your crewmates. What do you choose Penelope Ranger?”
A-6 to Penelope Ranger: “Be careful what you wish for: the medicine could be worst than the disease.”

Star Law Classification:

SLS: None.

2096.08 – Sanvorg – Investigations conducted by Penelope Ranger discovered that this character was or knew abilities similar to a Techno Mage (URB) and that makes him the only known robot that manipulates magic. Also, rumors that the last planet where he was seen was planet Sanvorg 30 years ago (see individual entry).
2127.02 – Cyberdome – A-6 used force to contact the crew of the GCS Penelope and help them research about the Void. The members of the crew accepted the help and filled no report against A-6.

2121.01 – If he really exists, he hasn’t committed any crime. He has to be identified and classified for the records and set free.

2127.02 – Cyberdome – A-6 declared that he comes from the Earth of Old and knows the location.

2127.02 – [Penélope Ranger] Data entry personal log, subject: A-6, Desde el día que me integraron al GCS PENÉLOPE, con la tripulación muy selecta y variada, hemos tenido varios encuentros con las criaturas llamada Void. Después de un tiempo pensé que A-6 por el tiempo y sus conocimientos que le brinda los años de de vida que tiene. Le gusta hablar enigmáticamente, aun cuando no estuvimos frente a frente y la interacción fue atraves de un terminal sus palabras causaron muchas “emociones” que no pude analizar. A-6 es un asertivo en su personalidad, estaré pendiente a este personaje con mucho interés. Personal log file close.



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