Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/1948
Origin: Mithrila
Current: Templaria III
Alliances: Self (?)
Advancement: Construct:4/Tough:4/Strong:6
Abenstein is the owner, bouncer and bartender of a bad reputation bar known as Bad Loki that is located on a sector of the Capitol City of Templaria III called Juno’s Drain (Saint Juno) near the space dock.

1948.10.31 – Abenstein is a flesh golem built on the Mana System by an elven wizard named Lucius Silverleaf.

1948.10.31 – Abenstein gained sentience after a series of additional experiments.

2126.09.20 – Abenstein moved to Templaria III to have a life as a free citizen of the Galactic Concord after his last master Drakkar was hospitalized.

2127.07 – Abenstein has been interrogated many times by the Templar Police Force in relation to events that happens on his bar but has never been found any evidence that he has any involvement with the events or related criminal activities.



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