Abigail Patience



Abigail Patience
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Female/2075
Origin: Deadwood
Current: Deadwood
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Dedicated:3/Strong:3
“Patience” or Mrs. Patience is an elderly woman, the matriarchal leader of the backwater planet Deadwood’s sector known as Oblivion. She was notorious for having previously shot people that she hires to do “cuasi-legal jobs”. She runs her own brand of justice on Oblivion and has hired people to rob and damage property of her archi-enemy Virtuous Higgins. Star Law has no file on her because she is very good as covering up her tracks.

2127.06.30 – Bellerophon – Retired Commander Frank Murphy helps organize a small meeting for the Templaria government between different businessmen of near-by planets to discuss the future of the new mines built on Templaria V-12 and Templaria V-21

2127.07.05 – Deadwood – Abigail Patience cooperates with the crew of the GCS Penelope in the investigation to rescue Olarda Rodengene.


Abigail Patience

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