Abu al-Walid



Abu al-Walid
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2080
Origin: Istanbia
Current: Istanbia
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Advancement: Dedicated/Acolyte
Abu al-Walid, also known as Imam, was a muslim cleric. With 3 young acolytes Suleiman(!), Hassan(!) and Ali(!), he was on a hajj to his home in Istanbia. Imam and his acolytes, unfortunately, took the ill-fated transport ship ST Gratzner. After the crash of the Gratzner, he and his acolytes remained faithful to their religion, but when the planet was locked in a total eclipse, the insectoids of the planet began to kill his acolytes one by one, testing his religious faith. Ziddick had no small part in this test, and he toyed with Imam during his crisis of faith, but the Imam soon became one of the few people who could be called something of a friend to Ziddik. He was one of only 12 survivors of the crash, and survived the trek to escape the dark planet, along with Ziddick and Jackeline Kira.

In 2126.11 Abu al-Walid was hired by the Galactic Concord Military to work as the Manager of the Habitat and Commercial Section of the GCS Templaria B Starbase. He reports directly to Sub-Admiral Matthew Dougherty and has a lot of trouble with Chief Gashpharrar trying to keep the sections under his responsibility in working condition.



Abu al-Walid

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