Aeryn Russel

Robotics Technician


Aeryn Russel
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Female/2100
Origin: New Jupiter
Current: Aleer
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Smart:3/Techie:4
Aeryn Russel is a young, tall, slender human with blonde hair and grey eyes. She is usually spotted in dirt and grease and may sport a fair amount of bandages. Has a brilliant mind, but death of mother while serving in the Galactic Concord Military adds a reckless edge to her personality. Wants to come out of her father’s shadow and live up to her mother’s reputation. Could soar, but could just as well crash and burn.

Aeryn has worked as a mercenary on different planets including Aleer and Ki’inroh. She is an expert on robots and mechas but knows her way around vehicles and starships.


Aeryn Russel

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