Aeshia Elle Amanecer

Mother Superior


Aeshia Elle Amanecer
Race: Humans (Morians)
Sex/Born: Female/2060
Origin: Ringunmor Prime
Current: Thuldan Prime
Alliances: Church of Betazeth
Advancement: Charismatic:3/Telephat:10
Reverend Mother Aeshia Elle Amanecer -Leader of the Church of Betazeth and even when she’s originally from Ringunmor Prime, she lives in her monastery on planet Corona 3. A powerful telephat that even the most consummated warriors fear. Is rumored that she’s addicted to the Spice Malengue and that she has been lover of Emperor Paltine Corino.

2126.09.21: The Reverend Mother travels to planet Arrakis (Dune) as advisor to Emperor Paltine Corino and to celebrate the ascencion of Duke Corinitus M. Shaddam the Second. She returns to planet Corona 3 after that.


Aeshia Elle Amanecer

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