Race: Artificials (A.I.M.)
Sex/Born: Female/2125
Origin: Cyberdome
Current: Galacnet
Alliances: Galactic Concord Administrator
Advancement: Smart:3/Charismatic:1/Concord Administrator:5
Reputation: + 3
Judge Aider is an Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM) designed to serve as the Galactic Concord Administrator of the Galacnet. She decided to acquire experience by posing as Miss Aider, the sexy “interface” guide for people who use the GalacNet for the first time. Now, she has worked with the Galacnet police the Automan Green Series and the Mechalus Police Officer of planet Aleer. Aider has studied and learned all the other Judge before her and has copied the best of all the styles in her basic programming.

Like many of the Automan series of A.I., Aider has no body. She has never been outside the Galacnet and her experience with the real world has been through communication screens, cameras and holograms that she uses to interact with people. She is curious about the real world but more dedicated to her task.



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