Queen of the Dammed.


Race: Humans (Thuldans)
Sex/Born: Female/2086
Origin: Thuldan Prime
Current: Deceased (2127.04)
Alliances: Church of the Necromongers
Lady Aksaha is one of the higher leaders of the Necromongers. Judge Lovotz was in charge of a small investigation of the Church of the Necromonger assets where the charismatic leader almost convinced him of joining the church.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [10:05:25]
2126.04.01 – Orion 5 – Due to illegal activities commited by a great number of members of their organization in planet Orion 5, Galactic Concord authorities have issued a communication to interrogate all members of the Church of the Necromongers in regard of the recent events on that planet
2126.04.07 – Templaria III – Investigations found that this leader of the Necromongers parted from planet Templaria in a passenger ship with about 5,000 of her followers.
2126.10 – The confirmation that the leaders of the Church of the Necromongers are not only forcing conversion on new members but they are vampires has marked these leaders as targets of the Order of the Silver Lights. Knight Shadow Slayers have been dispatched to hunt and kill the monsters for their crimes.
2127.04.19 – Istanbia – Leaders of the Church of the Necromongers died in an attempt to pillage planet Istanbia. Lord Necron and Lady Akasha bodies are not recovered but they are declared dead. Lord Viktor escaped.

SLS: Deceased

CRL: None.

Notes: None.



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