Albuma Rosaura



Albuma Rosaura
Race: (Onlies)
Sex/Born: Female/2075
Origin: Luture
Current: Luture
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Service Entry Date:
Ambassador Albuma Rosaura is the daughter of a wealthy family on Luture. She studied on the best universities of her planet and also attempted private lessons on New Venus to become the ambassador of her people and council member of the Galactic Concord Council. She’s a very proud woman that has found her opinions confronted by other ambassadors.

A petition for a hearing has been made to Judge Lovotz from Ambassador Albuma Rosaura of planet Luture. She is initiating the standard extradition procedures for a criminal of the Onlies race. The criminal name is Monhah Niquidmsidt, arrested by the crew of the GCS Icarus when they were in the Blood Axis case. The Onlies want the criminal to suffer his sentence on planet Luture if he’s found guilty. Is a tradition on their culture.


Albuma Rosaura

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