Aldrin Lightyear

"Ready to serve the Star Frontier!"


Aldrin Lightyear
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2095
Origin: New Pluto
Current: New Terra
Alliances: Galactic Concord Military
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Fast:4/Star Law Officer:3
Aldrin “Buzz” Lightyear is a member of the Galactic Frontier Military. He comes from the planet New Pluto. Buzz’s hobbies include defending the universe, acrobatic stunts and “falling with style.” He has taken zero-g training, armor training, piloting thrusters and ultralight starship piloting. His favorite saying is “to infinity and beyond!” His most recent rocket launch was on a “Big One” rocket were he had an accident and is currently in shore leave on recovery. Buzz is single and currently lives in an apartment building near the Central Galactic Concord Military Command. The place is named Andy’s Rooms for Rent. His neighbors include retired frontier world sheriff “Woody”(!), Rex(!) from [[Ki’inroh]], Mr. “Potato Head”(!) the dralasite and “Slinky”(!) the Dog-Moreau.

2124.05.16 – New TerraOlarda Rodengene was reported missing when the security guard of the apartment building found the door to her apartment forced. The investigation was done by the local New Terra Police Force but supervised by Aldrin Lightyear a member of the Galactic Frontier Military. Sheriff Lightyear was chossen for his dedication and because he knew Ms. Rodengene. The investigation left no idea of the captor(s)’s identity. In a personal note, Sheriff Lightyear commented that she was recovering from her experience the year before.


Aldrin Lightyear

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