Alexander Troy



Alexander Troy
[Player: Francisco Diaz]
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2087
Origin: New Jupiter
Current: Frontier Worlds
Alliances: Galactic Concord Military
Service Entry Date: 2117
Advancement: Dedicated:3/Strong:3/Star Law Officer:5/Field Officer:2(13)
Alexander Troy – Born on the Human colony of Io –a terraformed moon of New Jupiter- as a career soldier like his father (Fleet Captain Xander Troy) and his grandfather before him, Alex has found in the Frontier a place to prove himself and help those who need it more. He wants to get the best of justice and place behind bars more than a few of those criminals that escaped him before.

2117.06 – Troy graduated from the Galactic Concord Academy with excellent grades at the same class than John Boon and are still very good friends.

2119.09 – Troy’s father, Fleet Captain Xander Troy, dies when in command of the GCS Saratoga, his best friend Commander Frank Murphy speaks at the funeral.

2123.02 – Lt. Jg. Troy served as a crew member of the GCS Enterprise. There he meet Doctor Mar’ligniaS’irthiz and save each other’s when attacked by Kroath Space ships.

2124.10 – Troy served in a small space conflict when the Galactic Concord fought against the Medurr Empire and the Sathar Hegemony. He was an Assault Fighter]]’s pilot with her co-pilot Commander Arlene Torres.

2125.06 – [John Bloom] The personal life of my friend Alex Troy is more complex than his career. At the academy and his first years of service he had romantic problems with more than a few of his fellow officers. Some of them are: Artemis Adama, Olarda Rodengene and Wilma Gray. He also pursuit some women in the civilians sector like: Jeriryan Seven and Vicky Rose. He proclaims to have left behind all those problems and been completely dedicated to his carrier now, I think maybe he is tired of getting slapped…

2125.11 – Troy is given the rank of captain and assigned the command of the GCS Penelope a Ranger class starship assigned to the Frontier. Now that he has a bigger ship and more crew than a simple attack fighter he wants to do his best.

2126.01: [Orto Purell] Alexander Troy: “Ese Alexandrer Troy, que se hace llamar Capitán del GCS Penelope, no es más que un engreído. Por que es capital de una nave del Galactic Concore se cree que todo el mundo tiene que hacer lo que a él le de la regalada gana. Mira, un día, yo estaba tranquilo a punto de coger un transporte para mi destino y por que no le gusto mi nombre, me persiguió por toda la base estelar, simple y sencillo, por que mi nombre no le gustaba. Pero no se la hice fácil, ni al él ni a sus esclavos. Tuvieron que correr y mucho. Pero lo tengo que admitir, me atraparon, pero por que a él, Alexander Troy, no le gusto mi nombre. Así que tengan mucho cuidado con su nombre, que si a Troy no le gusta, los meterá preso.” [CONTEXT NOTE: Orto Purell is a known criminal captured by Captain Alexander Troy on the line of duty. This comment is identified as partially if not completely biased.]

2126.02: Troy adopted the Korath immigrant Violet.

2126.09: [Violet] (Dibujito de muñequito ahorcado con la lengua por fuera con el nombre Troy debajo)

2126.10: [Penelope Ranger] Capitán Troy… Capitán Troy… (activando sensores ópticos) spot check en la oficina del capitán, hacia…. (spot check cuarto personal acceso denegado. Itinerario oficial reunión atraves del galact net. Importante no ser molestado.) Acceso data personal… Iniciando entrada, tema capitán Alexander Troy: Desde el primer día en que entre en activación e tenido una tripulación peculiar. Entiendo que el capitán Troy desde el principio se a visto en tomar decisiones difíciles e ilógicas… Independientemente goza de mi lealtad. Todavía le falta experiencia pero como todo llegara el momento en que será un gran almirante y yo espero estar bajo su comando cuando llegue ese momento. (Personal log close)

2127.03.13 – New Jupiter – Alexander Troy visits the grave of his father on his home moon Io and pledges and oath to defend the Galactic Concord and what it stands for. The friend of his father, Frank Murphy, is as his side.

2127.05.30 – Gardh – The crew of the GCS Penelope sucessful complete a dangerous mission on the command center of the Gardhy, the brains behind the Klick invasion of the Galactic Concord. They are all given a Medal of Valor for their exellent service.

2127.06.30 – BellerophonParis Lagerfield Murphy was held prisoner on a supply closet by the assassin Aeon Flux while she was infiltrating Frank Murphy’s mansion disguised as Paris. She was found by a friend of her uncle, Captain Alexander Troy.

2128.06 – GCS Templaria BMila 679.9 is destroyed by Captain Alexander Troy and his new body Mila 679.10 is activated. “I’m not very happy about this. Ten deads is more than enough. I want to take revenge on the so called captain."

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Alexander Troy

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