Alia Ravenhell

MECHA Operator


Alia Ravenhell
[Player: Jorge G. Rodríguez]
Race: Orions
Sex/Born: Female/2105
Origin: Orion 33-66
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Dynamite Gang
Advancement: Strong:3/Mecha Operator:5
Ensign Alia Ravenhell was born on Orion 33-66 one of the moons on the Orion System. Like many orions she has learn that every oportunity is the best oportunity and that the truth is something that is relative. She first studied to be a mecha operator at Orion 5 were she worked first in the local factories then in the local police. But after the attacks of the Church of the Necromongers she enlisted on the Galactic Concord and became a military officer.

2118.12.13 – As a youngster, Alia Ravenhell used to visit her grandmother that lived on a small house in a non-secure area of the city. There she meet Iblis who told her that the best way to kill a giant was from the inside: “You let yourself to the giant’s stomach and kill him from the inside our!” She didn’t understand the man.

2126.04.01: Alia is a member of the Mecha Police of Orion 5 attacked and wounded by the Necromongers when they steal the spaceship-fortress of Baron Groceous Gard. Many of her friends die that day. She was very disappointed on the way the Galactic Concord Military handled the situation. She vows to get even with them on day.

2126.10 – Alia Ravenhell joins the Galactic Concord Military and passes all the trainings and tests to become a Mecha Operator.

2127.05.30: Ensign Alia Ravenhell was assigned as MECHA Operator of the Ranger Class Scout, the GCS Icarus. The ship was assignment to GCS Templaria B starbase as part of a new force to patrol and protect the frontier.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [08:02:17]
2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Mutiny. Stealing a Galactic Concord Military Starship. Assassination of María Vázquez. Kidnapping of GC officers Sheba and Aroisarit.

CRL: None.

Notes: None.


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Alia Ravenhell

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