Alise Pridecatch

Security Guard


Alise Pridecatch
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Female/2099
Origin: New Luna
Current: Templaria III
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Fast/Charismatic
Alise Pridecatch was born blind on New Luna to fairly wealthy merchants, who had her eyes fitted with cybernetics. She spent most of her days partying and experimenting with illegal drugs, which permanently affected her ability to overcome disease. Alise has had extensive cybernetic surgery, in addition to her eyes, her parents were constantly worried about her habits landing her in danger and implored her to get more extensive protection, and that proved to be her saving grace.

2127.01 – Templaria III – Alise Pridecatch moved to Templaria III to work as security personnel on Misla Corporation. Even when she has a wealthy family on New Luna, she likes her independence. Her job is a temporary one, as she is planning to move on to another planet in a year.


Alise Pridecatch

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