Alistair Caine



Alistair Caine
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2095
Origin: New Mars
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Fast/Gunslinger
Alistair Caine is a long time friend and companion of David Seraphim, Alistair provides the voice of rational thought even during the most hectic of missions for the crew. A proud citizen of the Directorate even after it abandoned him, Alistair was once considered the poster child of the State as a military hero before he fell out of favor. It was during this point in his life, working as a mercenary that he met and befriended David.

Alistair Caine has worked as a gun-for-hire for Baron Ming Caligari Austerince of Petra hunting fugitive slaves.

Star Law Classification:
2125.11 – Petra – Gun for hire, Unlicensed.
2126.02 – Galactic Concord – Gun for hire, Unlicensed.
2126.03 – Petra – Gun for hire, Unlicensed.
2126.04 – Petra – Gun for hire, Unlicensed.

SLS: None.

CRL: None.

Notes: None.


Alistair Caine

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