Race: Acuans
Sex/Born: Male/2070
Origin: Acuaia
Current: Templaria III
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Strong:3/BattleMInd:7/(10)
Amarkius was a Knight on the Order of the Silver Light that is now an outcast of his order travelling around the Shadow Planets of the Neutral Zone in search of personal glory and fortune. The reason why he was exiled is unknown. What the marks on his wrists show is that he was discharged and dishonored in the process. He has no Silver Manacles or Tohar-Shelat to increase the use of his psionic powers but he has been able to collect more than one psionic crystal in his travels that help him to gain the edge he needs to survive.

2127.10 – Captain Traybor of Estornia of the pirate starship Red Devil placed Amarkius on his brig because the ex-knight refused to follow orders.

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