Andrew Bryniarski

Crime Boss


Andrew Bryniarski
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2095
Origin: New Jupiter
Current: Templaria III
Alliances: Blood Axis
Advancement: Tough
Andrew “Crow” Bryniarski is a local wrestler-like tough and enforcer on Templaria III that could be associated with criminal elements but so long he hasn’t been charged. He’s a violent and intimidating man that likes to lumber in door’s threshold to make a frightening first impression.

2127.07.21 – The remainding member of the Twilight Gang, Isabella Swam, declared that she was contacted by Andrew Bryniarski (Crow) to work for Kovania in 2127.07.02.

2127.08.01 – Investigations show that Crow had contacts with different criminal groups: like the Bad Hunters, The Twilight Gang and the Abatal Gang.

2127.08.26 – Templaria III – Crow hires the famous and dangerous killmerc Zontar on behalf of the Blood Axis to kill the crew of the GCS Icarus that is conducting the investigation against them.

2127.08.26 – Templaria III – Crow from the Blood Axis hired the Dynamite Gang to damage a pirate ship and capture its captain. The gang is succesful in wounding and killing 12 crew members of the Arkos Drex and delivering a unconcious Captain Drex to Crow.

2127.08.29 – Templaria III – The crew of the GCS Icarus coordinate an operative to cripple three branches of the criminal organization known as the Blood Axis. Kovania is arrested wioth charges of smuggling, Andrew Bryniarski was identified as Crow The Enforcer and arrested under criminal charges and Monhah Niquidmsidt was identified as the elusive criminal mastermind Big Boss in charge of drug traffic on the Templaria System.

2127.11 – GCS Templaria B – Judge Lovotz processes and sentence a group of criminals that are part of the organization Blood Axis. Andrew Bryniarski found guilty of assassination was sent to Crematoria, Kovania of smuggling was sent to New Pluto, Monhah Niquidmsidt of drug dealing was sent to Luture. At the same time Harry Cyrano Mudd was processed for smuggling and deported to Pipeworld.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [08:02:12]
2127.11 Crematoria
2127.11 Andrew Bryniarski is found guilty of hiring criminals and assassins to commit at least 32 different assassinations and been part of many of them as the mastermind, equipment the assassins with the weapons they need and even be part of the kill.
2128.08.29 – Andrew Bryniarsky is set free.

SLS: Free.



2128.07 – Templaria IIIRomo Sawyer recently became the lawyer of some criminals accused of illegal activities related to the Blood Axis: Kovania and Andrew Bryniarski.

2128.08.28 – Templaria III – Romo Sawyer defends his clients accused of illegal activities related to the Blood Axis: Kovania and Andrew Bryniarski. He is able to get them free using technicalities and the bad reputation of the Dynamite Gang the formerly known as GCS Icarus.


Andrew Bryniarski

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