Priest of the Eternal Salvation


Lord Angelicus
Race: Luciferians
Sex/Born: Male/2090
Origin: Inferno
Current: Inferno
Alliances: Lawful
Advancement: Outsider:2/Dedicated:3/Acolyte:7
Lord Angelicus Priest of the Eternal Salvation and Voice of the Inner Hope is the most dangerous person on planet Inferno and the most famous too. He has nicknames like “widowmaker” and “childeater” but those are only his hobbies. His real mission in life is to destroy the world and kill everyone in it. He has a TV show were he tries to convince people to kill everyone. It has good ratings.

Angelicus knows Enochian Magic and Blood Magic. He claims to have an oracle who he calls Angelicus Oracle of Sanity.

“He is here! He is healing, he is the master of pleasant dreams… Angelicus! Angelicus! Angelicus! His name inspires fear! FEAR!”

Angelicus is crazy for living in the shore of Lake Holly for 10 years waiting for a message from the immortals. Rumors are that he has an atomic bomb and enjoys candy so much that he recently stole a full cargo of sweets to calm his devious hunger.

Angelicus was Greed’s mentor. He hates Greed and his brother Vengance because they stole their Elohim Data Crystals from him.

Angelicus fights with a Mega Gravhammer he acquire from space pirates but he claims it was " a mistake of the gods " .

2128.06 Inferno – Angelicus tries to take a Elohim Timeless Engine from the crew of the GCS Penelope and recognizes Greed’s brother, Vengance.

2128.06.22 Ringunmor Star Consortium – The GCS Penelope are been followed by followed by Volturnus of the Sathar Hegemony who has allied himself to Angelicus from planet Inferno and are after the Elohim Empire device, the Elohim Timeless Engine.

2128.07.03 – The Phoenix Fleet is destroyed and both Admiral Hauervall and Patricio are dead but Priestesses of the Crimson Sun and what is left of the EloNet is still working but the physical location of the Priestesses is unknown (should be one of the active nodes. Only one known terminal exists and is Angelicus’ and he using it to listen to his gods…



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