Barin Arborian

Chief of Food Production


Barin Arborian
Race: Humans (Morians)
Sex/Born: Male/2189
Origin: Ringunmor Prime
Current: Petra
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Charismatic:3/Fast:3/Strong:3
Chief Barin Arborian is a young morian leader on planet Petra who responds to Baron Ming Caligari Austerince even when is obvious they dislike each other. His family sold the Baron the PL7 machinery and Genetic Manipulation embryos used to grow food on the Arboria Region of the planet and he is in charge of the facilities.

2128.06.22 – PetraZiz Eris informs Lae Usdod and Barin Arborian of the return of the Aerians and rebuild of Zhadum. Lae is living on planet Petra with her father Vultan(!) and grandfather Vulton(!) without knowledge of that.


Barin Arborian

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