Cassandrita Samona

Church Operative


Cassandrita Samona
Race: Humans (Morians)
Sex/Born: Female/2101
Origin: Ringunmor Prime
Current: New Pluto
Alliances: Church of Betazeth
Advancement: Charismatic:3\Telephat:5

Sister Cassandrita Samona is a dangerous nun from the Church of Betazeth. She is trained in the arts of controlling other people’s minds.

2127.09.20 – Cassandrita Samona and Juashekita Treyshon were arrested by the crew of the GCS Icarus as part of a group of psionic operatives that were illegaly working on Galactic Concord space. The hierarchy of the organization denied knowledge of these events but the Galactic Council didn’t accepted and demanded an investigation to the government of the Ringunmor Star Consortium.

2127.08 – Cassandrita Samona has been transferred to the prison in planet New Pluto.

Cassandrita Samona
AP: 11; Def: 13 (17); HP: 60
Charismatic:3\Telephat:5; S:0; D:1; I:1; C:3; P:9; S:9; C:12; K:9
Feats: Enlarge Power (2), Twin Power (8), Quicken Power (8), Persistent Power (8), Hide Power (2). PP: 10 Class +5 CHA +5 Melengue = 20
Psionic Powers: Telephaty(2), Psi-Control(3)
Melengue: 4 Save DC of powers. Tattoo: Telekinesis (Flight): 20ft; 5 combat turns. Telephaty (Active): Power Resistance: 18; 5 combat turns. Projectile Deflector (4Def).


Cassandrita Samona

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