Efrop Ross



Efrop Ross
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/1975
Origin: New Terra
Current: Prometheus Station
Alliances: Six Days Terraforming
Advancement: Smart:3/Field Scientist:3
Doctor Efrop Ross is a terraforming scientist that work for the Six Days Terraforming corporation for years.

2125.11 – Efrop Ross is placed in charge of the testing of the Terraforming Platform known as SD Prometheus.

2128.01 – Efrop Ross is in charge of a proposal to sell to planet Aleer the terraforming of planet Aleer C.

2128.06.23 Estormia 2Volturnus used his powers to charm Dr. Efrop Ross and use his facility and tools to try to steal the Elohim Weather Control Device when they are discovered by Vengance and Ziz Eris, Volturnus kills him. He survives thanks the medicine of The Fraals.


Efrop Ross

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