Science Officer


Race: Humans (Posians)
Sex/Born: Male/2101
Origin: Mariposa
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Advancement: Smart:4/Telephat:4
Ensign Erosaret is a posian science officer of the Galactic Concord, been recently graduated as a pilot and navigator from the Galactic Concord Academy. He moved from the Thuldan Empire to become part of the G.C. with his sister Aroisarit. Like his sister he is a little shy but very dedicated to hir work. As all posians, Aroisarit has a latent psionic talent which develops in him the ability to send short messages telepathically (as the Missive psionic power).
Erosaret was born on planet Mariposa inside the Thuldan Empire but traveled to other planets for a few years before becoming a Galactic Concord citizen and joining the military. As a drifter he wandered between star systems, working odd jobs until boredom or fate lead him elsewhere. Along the way, he learned strange customs and languages and developed his psionic skills. Erosaret knows that many people distrust telephats and has learned to be cautious and meticulous on everything he does.

2121.09 – Erosaret has learned three different Telephatic Powers from his teachers on his home planet Mariposa and his brief training on the private corporation named Psi-Corp (which he dislikes a lot). Psychometry (PP:2) allows him to gain information from and object, person or place with a Psicraft check. Precognition (PP:2) allows him to gain some fore-coming knowledge that gives a bonus of + 4 on initiative, defense, skills checks, attribute checks, attacks, saves, or damage. And Telephaty (PP:2) that allows him to use the Autohypnosis skill ( + 2) to mentally communicate, block mental attacks, probe inside a mind or even modify the memories of a target.

2122.08 – A woman named Orlanda gives Erosaret advice about her future. Erosaret decides to join the Galactic Concord Military.

2127.05.30: Ensign Erosaret was assigned as Science Officer on the GCS Templaria B starbase.

2127.12.03 – SauriaDianne Kubiac kills Aroisarit (sister of Erosaret) to use her body as a decoy in a ruse to scam a man named Cornal on planet Sauria.



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