Frank Murphy

Retired Officer


Frank Murphy
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2075
Origin: Persephone
Current: Bellerophon
Alliances: Galactic Concord Military
Service Entry Date:
Commander Frank Murphy is the senior officer of the GCS Jovian One Military Platform of New Jupiter. He served with Major Troy, Alexander Troy’s father and was there when he died on battle. He was born on Persephone and travels there once a year. Murphy is a noble gentleman on there who always attends the Grand Ball. He has been all his life around people that are more heroic than himself and many of them have died and he has learned to play it safe. Frank Murphy has a niece, Paris Lagerfield Murphy, that sometimes stays with him at his mansion on Bellerophon.

2127.03.13 – New Jupiter – A group of unknown rogue pirates have gained access to military grade weapons and are making the lives of the local people very difficult attacking the cargo shuttles that come and go from moon to moon. Commander Frank Murphy of the GCS Jovian One Military Platform is able to destroy the forming pirate fleet and is honored for his deeds.

2127.03.30 – Frank Murphy retires with honors to live in his ranch and mansion on Persephone.

2127.04 – Bellerophon – Retired Commander Frank Murphy buys a floating mansion on Bellerophon States.

2127.06.30 – Bellerophon – Retired Commander Frank Murphy helps organize a small metting for the Templaria government between different bussinessmen of near-by planets to discuss the future of the new mines built on Templaria V-12 and Templaria V-21. The people involved are: Ambassador Curzon Dax, Judge Lovotz, Atherton Wing, Sir Warwick Harrow, Land Lord Higgins, Abigail Patience, Morn West, Bethany Zaida, Baroness Crystal Andelaris, Misla Ivansys Adelei Niska and Mr. Levens.

2127.07.06 – Persephone – The Chamber of Commerce of planet Persephone gave Frank Murphy a commendation for his favorable intervention on the minning talks on Bellerophon.


Frank Murphy

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