Grim Thunderhammer



Grim Thunderhammer
Race: Etirans (Dwarf)
Sex/Born: Male/2082
Origin: Adamantia
Current: Merlin
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Service Entry Date:
Captain Grim Thunderhammer -Known in the space of the Mana System as the best captain of the fleet. With his ship, GCS Moradin, he takes care of pirates and smugglers and keeps his space as clean as the forge’s fire. Grim doesn’t believe much in the Galactic Concord but it does respect its rules. He does his job even when he finds difficult sometimes to obey Master Drakkar of Merlin Starport.

2126.12 – Mithrila – Grim discovers that criminals Mudrock and Orto Purell de la Torrewere trying to steal a shipment of Mithrila from the Mana System. He was able to discover Orto’s disguise as elven pilot Sovellis Woodtower and arrest him but Mudrock escaped.


Grim Thunderhammer

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