Grom Animus

Deposed Tyrant


Grom Animus
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2062
Origin: Bezhin 6
Current: Bezhin 6
Alliances: Self
Baron Grom Animus, the former tyranic leader of Bezhin 6 slaved the planet popullation and destroyed the ecology of the planet. He was depossed by the rebels and declared dead but he is held prisoner on a special prison made just for him. It’s rumored that Grom Animus once played with the Highrollers.

Star Law Classification:
2125.10 – Bezhin 6– Genocide. Destruction of ecosystem.

SLS: None.

2125.10 – Bezhin 6- Arrested.

2126.01 – The charges against Grom Animus have been studied and placed on his permanent record by the Galactic Concord Military after the Menoptra Government and planet Bezhin 6 became part of the Galactic Concord.

2128.06.29 – Central PointDark Volder has made an alliance with the Tyrant Grom Animus of planet Bezhin 6. Animus wants to return to power and has convinced Lord Volder to assist him.


Grom Animus

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