Hydeand Queranos



Hydeand Queranos
Race: Humans (Morians)
Sex/Born: Male/2083
Origin: Ringunmor Prime
Current: Ringunmor Star Consortium Military
Alliances: Ringunmor Star Consortium Military
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Charismatic:3/Personalty:3
Lord Hydeand Queranos, Admiral of the Twelve Fleet, Captain of the RSC Exhuberant, and the Regent’s brother-in-law, is not considered “a lazy coward admiral suck” by so many people for nothing. He‘s the admiral in charge of the fleet that patrol the Kalmathu Planets and Ringunmor Star Consortium frontier. He got that position of power and prestige when he married Regent Vladimirty Vilimeri Oagleri the Fourth’s ugliest sister, Tordekina(!). Hydeand has a mansion in top of a civilian building on Pipeworld were he likes to pass the time with his concubines and slaves away from his family at Ringunmor Prime – and away from work – but from time to time he has to do patrol duty and respond in person to small menaces like meteorites coming from the Kalmathu Planets or pirates trying to attack ships of the Ringunmor Star Consortium. To survive the boredom of work, he has modified a few of the decks of his ship with some “special morale rooms” including more than a few luxuries like petting zoo, concubine rooms, theater and concert room (with a small 9 men orquestra included) and a pool party lounge. Admiral Queranos doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence on the officers under his command but he tries to compensate for that by drinking heavily at work.

Quote: “What is that? Can we shoot at it from here?”

2127.01 – [ANONYMOUS1] His wife is so ugly that it ther is a saying in Ringunmorian courts that someone is “as ugly as Tordekina”.

2127.02 – [ANONYMOUS2] When he feels that been in space is something depresing he looks at his weeding album to remember what awaits him back home.



Hydeand Queranos

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