[Player: Jeremy Rios]
Race: Aleeriens
Sex/Born: Male/2081
Origin: Aleer
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Dynamite Gang
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Smart:3/Engineer:5
As all aleerin are, Irymer is very serious about his work; he shows dedication and applied logic to his tasks. His technical instructor recommended that his “riff-raff” skills were more suited to work in the Galactic Frontier Command, and Irymer took that as a good advice from Lt. Gashpharrar and signed in.

2099.10.22 – A human teacher named Orlanda takes extra time to teach Irymer about the universe starting his thirst for knowledge.

2125.09.19: Irymer was serving as a cadet on the GCS Diamond when the strange woman named JESS was found floating on space. He became the only friend for the alien and they have continued working together since. The Chief Engineer of the GCS Diamond, Zak Kevron, recommended Irymer and he’s raised to the rank of Leiutenant Junior Grade.

2127.05.30: Ensign Irymer was assigned as Field Technician of the Ranger Class Scout, the GCS Icarus. The ship was assignment to GCS Templaria B starbase as part of a new force to patrol and protect the frontier.

2127.06.30: [Lucille Balls] Dear Captain Sheba, a member of the crew of the Icarus, Irymer, visited me today at 1643hrs asking for spare parts for the ship without the proper documentation and signatures. Please warm him that my work is a very difficult one and I don’t have tike to waste. Thanks.

2127.06.30: Some members of the crew of the GCS Icarus are involved in a bar fight on the Smoking Aces bar at GCS Templaria B. This include, Icarus Ranger, Mila Ultra 113, Ziz Eris, Irymer y Nikola the Vile. Junto a ellos estaban marines del 44th y Penelope Ranger del GCS Penelope. As no one was hurt they received a warning on their file and were returned to their respective commanding officers the next day just in time for their first metting with Commander Chennault.

2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Cath-Palug Monroe, Mila Ultra 113, Nikola the Vile, Ziz Eris, Alia Ravenhell, Irymer, Dianne Kubiac and Vrox Drox commit treason against the Galactic Concord when they engage in acts of mutiny and steal the ship they were crew off, the GCS Icarus. The transmission places them in a curse to Shadow Space to the pirate hideout Hole in the Rock. A Star Law criminal file is open to each one of them and an alert is issue for all ships in the sector to find and capture them.

2128.06 – Central PointJane Blood Masters follows the trail of the Elohim Timeless Engine and finds out that Irymer and the brothers Greed and Vengance destroyed the Engine of the Flicker when trying to get more information from it. Jane also took the Elohim Data Crystals that the brothers brought from planet Inferno. But the data from both the computer of the Flicker and the data crystal was already retrieved and studied by the three men.

2128.06.23 Estormia 2 – With the help of Dr. Xirius Vax and his experimental Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM) MINA are able to isolate a copy of Patricio on the Elohim Weather Control Device. Shuvers Aellyez, Irymer and Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan create a computer terminal, isolated in a chemical bath and copy the programming and technology to be able to access the EloNet.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [09:03:14]
2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Mutiny. Stealing a Galactic Concord Military Starship. Assassination of María Vázquez. Kidnapping of GC officers Sheba and Aroisarit.

CRL: None.

Notes: None.


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