James Luc Rodengene



James Luc Rodengene
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2067
Origin: New Mars
Current: New Terra
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Smart/Field Officer
Fleet Admiral James Luc Rodengene -Chief of Staff of the Galactic Concord Fleet. A concise strategist with a great responsibility. He’s a true believer of what the Galactic Concord stands for and doesn’t like officers that abuse of their power. A native of New Mars and a fanatic of old human antiques and traditions from Old Earth.

2126.06.07 “Judge Lovotz, your actions were made without measuring the full effect of the consequences. Yes, you saved the young girl Violet, but causing a civil war on that planet (KroathPrime) has removed their help from the war effort. They are going back to finish that problem first and we (the Galactic Concord) are the ones who will suffer for their absent in the war against the Klicks.”

2127.07.07 – Admiral James Luc Rodengene sends message to her daughter that he will arrive in GCS Templaria B on board the GCS Valiant (the Galactic Concord Military flagship) on 2127.07.21 to pick her up. Olarda Rodengene asks her father to wait until the investigation is over because she wants to expose the Church of Betazeth and The Future.

2127.07.17 – Judge Lovotz personally contacts and informs Admiral James Luc Rodengene about her daughter’s investigation and Psycological Profile test’s results.


James Luc Rodengene

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