Jonathan Riker

Chief Engineer


Jonathan Riker
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2084
Origin: New Mars
Current: New Venus
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Service Entry Date:
Jonathan Riker -Known as one of the younger captains to be in charge of a Star Carrier. Captain Riker is devoted to his work and duty but likes to make those around him comfortable. Don‘t confuse that with confidence, he‘s completely devoted to his work and can change from friendly host to restless officer in the blink of an eye.
Jonathan has a personal history with a member of the Church of Betazeth, but keeps it in check because his carrer ambitions are more important. His favorite vacation spot is the planet Risa, where he once got duped and addicted to a mind game that almost took over the Enterprise. He also once got Rodengere to go there and display a statue asking for, well, whoopee. He grew his beard because without it he looked too young and innocent. He loves to play poker and does so at the drop of a hat with his senior staff crew mates.

2124.10 – Commander Riker served under Admiral Jame Luc Rodengene when the admiral was captain of the GCS Enterprise.

2125.12 – The biggest Star Carrier of the Concord Fleet, the GCS Valiant, is given to Jonathan Riker.

2126.02 – Jonathan Riker ―”Tripulación del GCS Penelope, bienvenidos al GCS Excalibur (!), espero que, bajo las circunstancias, puedan disfrutar de nuestra hospitalidad.” Recibió al GCS Penelope y le hicieron reparaciones pero poco después fue afectado por el compuesto MNEMON-IC de los Kroaths y perdió su memoria.

2126.04 – Se encuentra bajo tratamiento en el planeta Corpworld a ver si pueden reinstalarlo a la flota.

2126.11 – After passing many personality and aptitude tests and completing a crash training, Mr. Riker is found fitted to return to duty and is recommended that he served in the same ship he was captain. He is given the rank of Lt. Commander and works as chief engineer of the GCS Valiant.


Jonathan Riker

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