An aleerin member of the Concord Administration.


[Player: Eric Diaz]
Race: Aleeriens
Sex/Born: Male/2083
Origin: Aleer
Current: Galactic Concord Frontier
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Service Entry Date: 2116
Advancement: Smart:6/Concord Administrator:10/(16)
Reputation: + 10
Lovotz is named by ones the “example of the Administrators” and by others as “the must inflexible of the Galaxy”, is Judge native to planet Aleer. He was once married to Doctor Jul’lusk. His cold and calculating nature and his exaggerated sense of duty have made him a subject of the most difficult missions. Like all Concord Administrators or “judges” his authority allows him to use his credentials to confiscate Fleet resources and to grab the help of government‘s agents. He has also worked as ambassador in the exterior planets…. Not exactly the best individual to be a diplomatic but he gets the job done. As each Judge has its own personality and ‘modus operandi’ Lovotz has encountered problems with other Judges in the past, specially Galaxina and Dread.


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2100.04 Lovotz had an encounter with Lady Akasha that almost convinced her to join the Church of the Necromongers.

2111.07 Doctor Jul’lusk of Aleer, a leading scientist on the use of cybernetics to combat diseases, divorced Judge Lovotz after a five years marriage.

2121.04 Lovotz had an encounter with Lady Akasha that almost convinced her to join the Church of the Necromongers. Lady Akasha is one of the higher leaders of the Necromongers. Judge Lovotz was in charge of a small investigation of the Church of the Necromonger assets where the charismatic leader almost convinced him of joining the church.

2121.09 – Cyberdome – Eirik Dyax is the brother of Judge Lovotz. They fought on a secret fight on planet Cyberdome. Eirik stole his brother’s Tri-staff.

2125.01 Judge Dread Alpha Preatorian Morphean has encounter differences of opinions on more than one occasion with Judge Lovotz and Judge Galaxina. His straight-forward shot-first-ask-questions-later is not on the best side of the Concord Administration Branch.

2125.04 Judge Galaxina, one of the most controversial judges of the Concord Administrator, has encounter differences of opinions with Judge Lovotz.

2125.11 Lovotz was assigned to an important investigation to find the origin of the sabotages made to Templaria B. Using his Administrator privileges, he commissioned the GCS Penelope and his crew for the mission. ( * )

2126.02 Lovotz is part of the investigations that discovers the real race of the Kroaths. She has a discussion with Judge Galaxina over the custody of fugitive Violet. Galaxina was part of a dangerous operative in the space near the Kroath border. She was aboard the GCS Valiant when it was attacked by superior forces. She helped the crew of the GCS Penelope to rescue the Valiant from an ice asteroid field. ( * )

2126.06 Lovotz helps Councilor Matilda Amidalius find a solution to the Three Planet Conflict. ( * )

2126.06 Lovotz receives a reprimand from his superior Chief Administrator Aeleria Miralis for the civil war in Kroath Prime. His reputation stays unaffected when he’s able to help Captain Troy deliver the Exodus to Grandos.

2126.06.07 [Admiral Rodengere] “Judge Lovotz, your actions were made without measuring the full effect of the consequences. Yes, you saved the young girl (Violet), but causing a civil war on that planet (KroathPrime)has removed their help from the war effort. They are going back to finish that problem first and we (the Galactic Concord) are the ones who will suffer for their absent in the war against the Klicks.”

2126.06.07 [Chief Administrator Aeleria Miralis ] “Diplomatic protocols (on the Kroath prime contact) were pushed because the war effort is more important to the ambassadors than doing their job right. My judge (Lovotz) entered the planet with many lose ends in the procedures. Is not his complete fault that he was misinformed, underprepared and understaffed to complete his mission.”

2126.08 Lovotz deletes the A.I. criminal Central Control. ( * )

2126.09 Lovotz presents reports about a false investigation of the Macapple Gang in order to move the GCS Celeste and the GCS Penelope inside the Thuldan Empire space to planet Arrakis (Dune) and rescue 10,000 Graaka soldiers that were stolen from planet Kroath Prime (Skaraab). ( * )

2126.10 [Penelope] (Log entry)
Capitán Troy: Penélope….
Penélope: (proyectando un holograma en la cabina del capitán) indique capitán, en que puedo ayudarlo.
Capitán Troy: verifica con el juez Lobotz que todavía no e recibido el reporte Sirtia.
Penélope: en breve le indico lo que el juez me diga.
Penélope: acezando cámaras de la oficina del juez Lobotz. " juez Lobotz…..
Juez Lovotz: Penélope si estas aquí para preguntar sobre el reporte Sirtia. Lo acabo de terminar (juez Lobotz cierra reporte con código de seguridad.). Tienes acceso al archivo. Y dile al capitán que la prisa no lleva a ningún lugar (dicho con carácter.) Penélope: acezando archivo… Archivo con nota alcance referencia prisa….. Archivo enviado capitán Troy.

2126.10 – [Penelope] (Accesando data personal) Tema: Juez lobotz. Cuando se habla del Juez Como tripulante en esta nave hablamos de alguien que no duda en decir lo que tiene que decir cuando el momento así lo requiere. No e tenido interaccion con diferentes jueces, lo que se es por la información que puedo colectar del galact net. Justo en sus decisiones siempre teniendo en cuenta lo que es la ley por encima de todo casi en los extremos. Su capacidad de analizar situaciones y de investigación son incomparables. Capaz de los mas simples detalles para resolver problemas. Muchos pensarían que no puede equivocare en una decisión dada. Pero mi entender y conocimiento no calculo cual es la razón por la cual lleva tanto tiempo como parte de la tripulación del GCS Penélope, cuando lo que se conoce de los jueces es que son nómadas viajando de nave en nave a donde lo lleven las investigaciones y en donde sea que sus conocimientos y habilidades los lleven. Nota: estar pendiente al juez Lobotz ya que hay mas de esta persona de lo que habla y deja ver. (Personal data log close.)

2126.11.28 – Aleer B (27C6) – The investigation of the disapearance of three important scientists by the crew of the GCS Penelope is culminated with the discovery of a plot by the Cult of the Cykotek to evolve using very complex cybernetic implants and the Galacnet as a hive mind communication grid. All members and some none members of the cult die when Judge Lovotz orders the implementation of a command overight code that cause the implants to the the the reverse effect of what they were designed to. CLASSIFIED SECLAR-8] ( * )

2127.03.13 – New Jupiter – Lovotz suspects that Frank Murphy is the person behind the smuggling of military grade wepons to the Jupiter Crime Rings but has no solid proff of it and sends the file to Judge Dread for further investigation. Dread dismiss the file until he can speak personally with Judge Lovotz.

2127.05.30 – Gardh – The crew of the GCS Penelope sucessful complete a dangerous mission on the command center of the Gardhy, the brains behind the Klick invasion of the Galactic Concord. They are all given a Medal of Valor for their exellent service. ( * )

2127.06.30 – Bellerophon – Retired Commander Frank Murphy helps organize a small metting fro the Templaria government between different bussinessmen of near-by planets to discuss the future of the new mines built on Templaria V.

2127.06.30 – Bellerophon – With the help of Crystal Alearis and Curzon Dax, Judge Lovotz is able to help in these important events: The signing of a new law that protects the economy of minning planet Deadwood against the bigger mines of Templaria V. The signing of a contract between Winf Transports and the Government of Templaria III for the transportation of raw minerals from Templaria V to Persephone. The signing of a contract between Persephone’s Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Templaria III for the procesing and processing of raw minerals. He also accepted the proposal of Misla Corporation for a contract to built and manage a drydock repair facility in GCS Templaria B. ( * )

2127.07.01 – [Curzon Dax] I don’t know if Judge Lovotz is trying to hard to impress me or if really dedicated to his work here in GCS Templaria B. Either way I’m not sure if I should be honored or sorry for him.

2127.07.05 – Deadwood – Curzon Dax is involved on the rescuing of Olarda Rodengene, on planet Deadwood. He befriended Violet Troy and Judge Lovotz. ( * )

2127.07.09 – On his way to Crematoria Judge Lovotz processes, judges and conndens 30 pirates members of the crew of the pirate starship The Hook.

2127.07.10 – Crematoria – Osvaldo Jones is visited by Judge Lovotz who promises to keep the facility in mind when recomending new budgetary assigments.

2127.07.17 – GCS -Templaria B – Sister Shaddy Juno is able to find a omission on protocol on Judge Lovotz’s reports that started the claims against the Church of Betazeth having illegal operatives on the Galactic Concord or having a secret war against the organization named The Future. The accusations are whithold from the file. Sub-Admiral Matthew Dougherty is not happy about this outcome because “the Templaria Stargate is used as a merchant route between the ”/wikis/ringunmor-star-consortium" class=“wiki-page-link”>Ringunmor Star Consortium and the Galactic Concord and this kind of games can affect the whole economy".

2127.07.17 – Judge Lovotz personally contacts and informs Admiral James Luc Rodengene about her daughter’s investigation and Psycological Profile test’s results.

2127.08.10 – A file with evidence against the Church of Betazeth is sent to Judge Lovotz by an encrypted sender. This evidence lead to the capture of a dangerous operative known as The Voice and a colaborator known as The Camel. Both identiites are discovered as been that of Larita Shaddy Juno and Harry Cyrano Mudd. The crew of the GCS Penelope are able to capture operatives and evidence of a secret war bettwen an organization known as The Future and the Church of Betazeth. This involved evidence of kidnaps made by both organizations. Church operatives denied their involvement assigning all the blame to Larita Shaddy Juno, but the evidence presented gave a crippling bow to the Church’s reputation.

2127.08.29 – Templaria III – The crew of the GCS Icarus coordinate an operative to cripple three branches of the criminal organization known as the Blood Axis. Using his authority in these manners, Judge Lovotz, coordinated the attack on different parts of the city using GC Marines and Templar Police Officers and dismantling the drug dealing operation of the Blood Axis in 24 hours.

2127.09.20 – An investigation is started by Judge Lovotz to discover who was impersonating him and how the crew of the GCS Icarus was tricked by this false administrator.

2127.11.10 Judge Lovotz research everything he can find about the crew of the GCS Icarus to try to understand what went wrong. He discovers that almost all the crew members were misfits, outcast or had some past-criminal record. He checks the transfer documentation and recognizes that the signature in almost all of them is from Sub Admiral Matthew Dougherty. His investigation is pointing to Dougherty as the one who did this on purpose or made a colossal mistake. Chief Administrator Aeleria Miralis seals Judge Lovotz investigation as SECLAR-6 and orders him to stop investigating.

A call from Ambassador Vosh of the [[N’sss Colonies]]. Vosh rarely communicates with other Ambassadors and the N’sss Colonies recently helped the Galactic Concord when the Thuldan Empire betrayed them. He knows about a classified mission that Judge Lovotz had on planet Pipeworld when following the last of the Elohims to that planet. He wants to ask the Judge one favor. He wants Lovotz to isolate a prisoner they have on GCS Templaria B that is related to that mission. His name is Harry Mudd. He was incarcerated by Lovotz for his relation to the Psionic Operatives (Church of Betazeth war vs The Future). Vosh wants to be the first to interrogate Mudd and a petition to keep Alfred Vesper (from PsiCorp) away from the prisoner.

2127.10.29 – A strange man that was later identified as Iblis spoke to Judge/Acting Ambassador Lovotz. Before he was able to identify him, he offered Lovotz a chance to become full time Ambassador and win a lot of power. Lovotz refuses and the man escaped.

2127.11 – Ambassador Colicos Balthar is relocated to GCS Templaria B to run the Embassy Office at that station in substitution of the late Curzon Dax. Judge Lovotz steps down from his provisional position as Acting Ambassador and returns to his full-time Galactic Concord Administrator duties.

2128.03.13 – Alfred Vesper manipulated people and abused of his power to be able to get the legal permits to enter Violet‘s mind and discover why Oklosuro claims that she is “The Key”, and what The Key is. He was able to convince Judge Galaxina and Doctor George Miles Huer and to have Judge Lovotz temporary deposed of his position and rank under the charges of treason. Commander Shuvers Aellyez is able to convince Doctor Huer to change his mind at the last moment, postponing Violet’s fate. Alfred Vesper forcibly recruits Lovotz, now a common citizen, as part of the team.

2128.03.13 – Chief Judge Aeleria Miralis opens two investigations that are assigned to Judge Galaxina. The first is an investigation on the involvement of Judge Lovotz with the Church of Betazeth and his decision to terminate the Cult of the Cykotek on 2126.11.28. (SECLAR-8). The second investigation was a profile of Alfred Vesper‘s illegal activities and abusive methods created by Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz and Judge Lovotz.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria B – Alfred Vesper, restores Judge Lovotz duties and privileges temporarily to work with the situation at hand. He is then place back as part of the citizen population.

2128.04 – An investigation been performed by Galaxina about Alfred Vesper removes him from his Project K and restores Judge Lovotz to his position and rank.

2128.04 – Ambassador Vosh of the N’ss Colonies has a meting with Ambassador Colicos Balthar were Vosh speaks the following words: “Please, doesn’t make any trouble to my friend Judge Lovotz. He was only pleasing my personal request.” This two sentences became viral in the GalaNet and everyone believes that Lovotz has the same level of confident with Vosh than Admiral James Luc Rodengene.( * )

2128.05.20 – Bezhin 6 – A hero’s welcome is prepared for Lovotz by the Menoptra Government with the idea of finding favor on his “friend” Ambassador Vosh. The Bezhin Police Force 1 helped the crew of the GCS Penelope to destroy a secret factory of MECHA Paragon (Colossal) that the organization The Future had on planet Bezhin 6.

2128.06 – GCS Templaria B – The crew of the GCS Penelope arrest 25 members of the group True Mangalorians. An investigation is conducted by Judge Lovotz to try to track the source of the money used to hire them. The investigation is inconclusive.

2128.06 – GCS Templaria B – Judge Lovotz is contacted by Ambassador Matilda Amidalius asking for help on the Cat Folk Question. Lt Jg Mirns, a key piece to solve this problem, had to contact many of the Cat Folks Clan Leaders to try to reach an agreement. She contacted her consort Tegromor on planet Osiris to have the option of using his planet as a temporary colony until Felinia is fixed. They are able to convince Aslan, Thundaria, Tigra, Lyran and Kilrathi to compromise to a better solution.

2128.06 – New Terra – Ambassador Matilda Amidalius and Chief Judge Aeleria Miralis authorize a secret mission to be conducted by Judge Lovotz and the crew of the GCS Penelope to recover the Collar of the Thirteen Tribes from Central Point.

2128.06 – Judge Lovotz has some leads on the conspiracy against the Cat Folks to control planet Felinia. The suspects are Ambassador Colicos Balthar and President Commodus Secundus from planet Roma Aeterna, President Zorg Xanast Alpha from planet Corpworld, Hive-Mother Nilvakh from K’zah-Kit and Eva Vesper from Blue Sun Corporation.

2128.08.29 – Templaria III – Judge Lovotz investigates the target of the previous attack of the Blood Axis. The new mercenaries of the criminal organization Ghost Nova and Heavy Metal had no information on file but he is able to find pieces and bites of data in different police files, the last encounter and even traffic cameras. He arrives to the conclusion that these two criminals from the Shadow Planets have criminal contacts of their own that are helping them hide, get resources and even attack. The last attack on the Paradiso Train Lines and the BSC Titan was only a test of what the Blood Axis can accomplish with these new mercenaries.


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