[Player: José Zayas]
Race: Fraals
Sex/Born: Male/2027
Origin: Unknown
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Service Entry Date: 2106
Advancement: Dedicated:3/Telephat:8/Field Medic:2(13)
Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz, Commander -The doctor is a powerful telepath that has learn a lot about exobiology and surgery. He’s very curious and also full of scientific ingenuity and uses his psionic abilities to find out about new races. As there are not many Fraals that have joined the Galactic Concord on the military branch and only him has doing so in the Star Frontier branch, many people are curious about the legends behind his long living race that is believed to be the more ancient race of the known galaxy. The good doctor just smiles and answers “I’m not politician, nor historian: I’m just a doctor.” The columnist Andrew Alvarez once mentioned about the Doctor " …all fraals area mystery in their own existance. Where did they come from? What happened to their planet? The race is dying, with each generation giving birth to less and less fraals and yet less than 1% of the fraals work outside their starcities. I believe that a fraal named Dr. S’irthiz is the one who has travelled fartest from Doorworld than any fraal. What is he looking for? "

He knows Captain Alexander Troy from another mission that they have together before but neither of them talk much about it. They have mutual respect for each other. “The doctor likes to cure his patient with enema and anal probes, so try to stay healthy….” He’s currently the doctor of the GCS Penelope a Ranger class starship assigned to the Frontier and has the rank of Lt Commander.

2126.05: The Doctor developed a drug that could reverse the effects of the Necromonger Conversion Chamber for 1-6 hours. Using his knowledge discovered that the Necromongers soldiers were created using Vampire Blood and that some of the Necromongers Officers could be Vampire themselves with the mental power Domination.

2126.08.20: The Doctor is secretly contacted by the highest authorities of the Fraal race.

2127.03 – Commander Shuvers’s invention is able to recover the 7.75 hours lost from Rock AP 1019’s memory and is discovered that Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz and Fraal authorities secretly erase the crew’s memories to kept secret the location of the Planet Killer.

2127.05.30 – Gardh – The crew of the GCS Penelope sucessful complete a dangerous mission on the command center of the Gardhy, the brains behind the Klick invasion of the Galactic Concord. They are all given a Medal of Valor for their exellent service.

2127.06.01 – Templaria III – By requisition of Captain Troy, the Doctor’s SECLAR is lowered.

2128.03.13 – Alfred Vesper hid The Abomination that was Olarda’s Son on his lab until it tried to rescue itself and caused a lot of commotion and damage to station GCS Templaria B and its crew specially the Marine division. Eventually Mar’IigniaS’irthiz was able to kill it.

2128.03.13 – Chief Judge Aeleria Miralis opens two investigations that are assigned to Judge Galaxina. The first is an investigation on the involvement of Judge Lovotz with the Church of Betazeth and his decision to terminate the Cult of the Cykotek on 2126.11.28. (SECLAR-8). The second investigation was a profile of Alfred Vesper‘s illegal activities and abusive methods created by Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz and Judge Lovotz.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BMar’IigniaS’irthiz is confronted with a multiple choice question by LoA’dlino’Hogaitnas who was chosen to be his counselor. If he wants to overcome the “feeling” of guilt that has him sick. The options presented are:
1. To get a simple Fraal operation that will remove the last Fraal organs (those glandules still left by evolution in Fraal’s anatomy) that produce chemicals associated to emotional imbalance.
2. To leave the Galactic Concord Military and return to a Fraal Starcity and leave the rest of his life separated from emotional races.
3. To learn how to live with emotions.

2128.04 – Rank & Position Requirements Review & Exam
Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz, Commander;
Initial Recommendation: Commander Shuvers Aellyez
Position Exam: Commander Shuvers Aellyez

2128.04 – LoA’dlino’Hogaitnas – " I have the SECLAR to give you a positive recommendation in your recent review, Mar’IigniaS’irthiz. But for that to occur I recommend, and you need, too, to choose your path and finish your counseling sessions successfully. "

2128.04 – LoA’dlino’Hogaitnas – " Dr. Mar’IigniaS’irthiz choses to continue his life learning about his emotions and how to live with them. I have assigned my Alien Probe in a temporary basic to scan him in the next weeks to finish my report with a full medical file. "

2128.06 – GCS Templaria BMila 216 memories are modified by Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz to plant a false lead in the Conspirators that are behind the political takeover of planet Felinia. Mila 216 recovers from the ruse with this expression: “I’m sure that a telephat has some trouble to use his powers when they have a bullet in the head."

2128.08.28 – LoA’dlino’Hogaitnas : “Lesser races don’t understand secrets as we do. A race with secrets have a deeper meaning of the word. Your test has been finished. There is something else you should know: you are ready to been promoted to a new secret.”


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