Mila Ultra 113

"Just call me Charlotte."


Mila Ultra 113
[Player: Valeria Meléndez]
Race: Altered Ones (Human)
Sex/Born: Female/2100
Origin: Corpworld
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Dynamite Gang
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Strong:3/Helix Warrior:5
Mila Ultra 113 is one of the helix warriors of the Ultra series created in Corpworld. Her contract is with the Galactic Concord Military. Mila Ultra Morphean Nocturnal series 7 – She’s designed with the Nocturnal and Morphean Gene Therapy. The morphean template allows the character to go for long periods without sleep and still function normally. It also allows the character to enter into a sleeplike trance that lasts for many days without suffering the effects of dehydration or starvation. The nocturnal template allows the character to function in darkness the way normal humans do in the light.

Promotion Option: Mila carries with her a Brain Pattern Transfer Device. She has to use it every morning on herself and store her brain pattern and memories on a disk. If she dies, her warranty allows for a replacement that will arrive as soon as a Unicorp starship finds them. The latest memories of Mila will them be download into the replacement and the replacement will be awaken up to take her place.

2125.03.11: Mila Ultra 113 is assigned a secret mission as one of her standard duties for Unicorp. She was somehow involved with the target of that mission and retired for corporation work after she was discovered. Her corporate file last entry reads: “Unicorp politics clearly state that Love is not an acceptable margin loss.” It is later discovered that Mila job was to kill clones that have deserted Unicorp. Her thirst for blood and high body count was labeled as “excessive collateral damage not in accordance of corporation standards.”

2127.05.30: Ensign Mila Ultra 113 was assigned as Co-Pilot of the Ranger Class Scout, the GCS Icarus. The ship was assignment to Templaria B starbase as part of a new force to patrol and protect the frontier.

2127.06.30: Mila Ultra 113 and Ziz Eris play poker with Bret Duvall at Smoking Aces. They are forced to give away personal secrets in exchange of information about their captain, ship and crew.

2127.06.30: Some members of the crew of the GCS Icarus are involved in a bar fight on the Smoking Aces bar at GCS Templaria B. This include, Icarus Ranger, Mila Ultra 113, Ziz Eris, Irymer y Nikola the Vile. Junto a ellos estaban marines del 44th y Penelope Ranger del GCS Penelope. As no one was hurt they received a warning on their file and were returned to their respective commanding officers the next day just in time for their first metting with Commander Chennault.

2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Cath-Palug Monroe, Mila Ultra 113, Nikola the Vile, Ziz Eris, Alia Ravenhell, Irymer, Dianne Kubiac and Vrox Drox commit treason against the Galactic Concord when they engage in acts of mutiny and steal the ship they were crew off, the GCS Icarus. The transmission places them in a curse to Shadow Space to the pirate hideout Hole in the Rock. A Star Law criminal file is open to each one of them and an alert is issue for all ships in the sector to find and capture them.

2128.07 – Central Point – Captain Nightwing of the Barbarusa starts an affair with Mila Ultra 114 also known as Charlotte from the Dynamite Gang.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [09:02:18]
2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Mutiny. Stealing a Galactic Concord Military Starship. Assassination of Maria Vazquez. Kidnapping of GC officers Sheeba and Aroisarit .

2127.12.03 – Mila 113 changes her name to Charlotte Winx.

CRL: None.

Notes: None.


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Mila Ultra 113

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