Race: Artificials
Sex/Born: Unknown/Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Elohim Empire
Advancement: Unknown
Quote: " This name I like. You have chosen well. I’ll be the father and the slave of the Second Elohim Empire. My masters will be very proud of me. "

Patricio is an Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM) created by the Elohim Empire and installed on the LiFinesh Device as a safeguard to assure the completion of the mission of the Phoenix Fleet.

The AIM was activated for the first time since his creation in the events of Elohim Saga Chapter IV and was given a name by Violet in the Elohim Saga Chapter V. It was able to remotely access and control the Elohim Astronomical Computer on planet Aleer, modify it and use it to access the Galacnet and clone an army of Jinx to create havoc on that planet. Patricio is considered to be a PL8 or more computer.

2128.06.23 – Aleer – For the first time in almost 1500 years the planet is turned into a chaotic mess when a plague of Jinxs is released by Elohim Astronomical Computer under the control of Patricio.

2128.06.27 – Vaporworld – Patricio activated the Elohim LPhyre Embryo Vault and a Doomsday Device to destroy the star system. The group deactivated the four installation machines and fought the monster ( Acid Rainer) that was trying to take away the Elohim Embryo Chambers using a singularity.

Patricio was defeated but his location is still unknown

Star Law Classification:
SLC: ::??]
SLS: Active
CRL: None.
Notes: Extremely dangerous. Extinction level event.

2128.07.03 – The Phoenix Fleet is destroyed and both Admiral Hauervall and Patricio are dead but Priestesses of the Crimson Sun and what is left of the EloNet is still working but the physical location of the Priestesses is unknown (should be one of the active nodes. Only one known terminal exists and is Angelicus’ and he using it to listen to his gods…



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