Ponzhia Daughter of V'arentlass

Muscle for Hire


Ponzhia Daughter of V’arentlass
Race: Klingons (Orc)
Sex/Born: Female/2090
Origin: Qo’noS
Current: Templaria III
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Dedicated:3/Tracer:7
Ponzhia Daughter of V’arentlass is a licensed bounty hunter that works on the shadow and frontier planets. Like all klingons she’s rough and her methods prove she doesn’t goes around using diplomacy when she can use her fists.

2126.05 Ponzhia worked for Benjamin Castro tracking a morian named Harry Mudd from Orion 5 to Ferenginar.

2126.10 Ponzhia is hired as a bodyguard of the Purple Dawn.

2127.03 – The Purple Dawn is hired by Orto Purell to travel to planet Z’ ha’ dum with an extra passenger named Violet. Nomar Merico stays in the last port and Orto serves as pilot. Once in Z’ ha’ dum the ship is destroyed by an agent of the void. Both Morito and Ponzhia survives escaping from the explotion on the GCS Penelope where Dlal, Cheapa and Travis die.

2127.09.12 – Ponzhia moves to Templaria III to work for Helena Troys.


Ponzhia Daughter of V'arentlass

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