Rock AP 1019



Rock AP 1019.2
[Player: Francisco Meléndez]
Race: Altered Ones (Human)
Sex/Born: Male/2118
Origin: Corpworld
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Service Entry Date: 2121
Advancement: Tough:4/Dreadnought:5/Strong:2/Alpha (G.T.)(12)
Rock Alpha Preatorian 1019.2 -The lieutenant junior grade is an In-Vitro, a man created in a lab as a prototype for a new army leader. The Preatorian model, that normally makes a good soldier, was combined with the Alpha genetic therapy designed to create a leader. The experiment didn’t had the desired results so he was given three choices: Relocation (heavy labor on planet Hurley), Recycling (death) or Promotion. He choose the last optión and joined the Fleet to prove that he’s the best Corpworld product. His attitude has brought him many problems in his five years of service because he believes that he has been design to be a leader and doesn’t want to wait to raise in rank like the other officers do. He’s currently the Marine of the GCS Penelope a Ranger class starship assigned to the Frontier.

Promotion Option: Rock carries with him a Brain Pattern Transfer Device. He has to use it every morning on himself and store his brain pattern and memories on a disk. If he dies, his warranty allows for a replacement that will arrive to the GCS Penelope as soon as a Unicorp starship finds them. The latest memories of Rock will them be download into the replacement and the replacement will be waken up to take his place.

2126.08 – Rock A.P.1019.1 is killed by the criminal Hotweire in the Merlin base and his body replaced with 1019.2 by Corpworld agents.

2127.01.20 – Corpworld – The crew of the GCS Penelope travel to rock’s planet to defend President Zorg Xanast Alpha from the clone criminals known as The Wraiths.

2127.03 – Commander Shuvers’s invention is able to recover the 7.75 hours lost from Rock’s memory and is discovered that Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz and Fraal authorities secretly erase the crew’s memories to kept secret the location of the Planet Killer.

2127.05.30 – Gardh – The crew of the GCS Penelope sucessful complete a dangerous mission on the command center of the Gardhy, the brains behind the Klick invasion of the Galactic Concord. They are all given a Medal of Valor for their exellent service.

2128.03.13 – A rage inducing drug was released by the organization called The Future on level 381 to affect around 300 of the marines training there. Rock AP 1019 knockouts his superior officer Quaritch Rock 0901 and with the help of Draeli is able to alert the rest of the station of the mob of marines formed by the drug.

2128.03.20 – Quaritch Rock 0901 – I’m not aware that youuu, SOLDIER Rock AP 1019 had the capacity to evaluate a fellow soldier’s psychological profile to make a DIAGNOSTIC if he is or isn’t fit to perform! Less a SUPERIOR officer! Less a SUPERIOR officer’s ability to COMMAND! It just happens that I was AWARE all the TIME of what was happening. I neeeeever lost CONTROL of myself! I will show you how wrong you were by punching a SUPERIOR officer and taking control of HIS platoon! You will see how much in CONTROL iiiiiiii was and iiiiiiii am!!

2128.03.21 – Rock AP 1019 – Sir, Quaritch Rock 0901, Sir. I acted as I was design, Sir. I followed my instincts and my traning, Sir. I have my backup memory to document my actions, Sir. I wasn’t doing what I did for pleasure, Sir. I will never hit a superior officer for pleasure, SIR.

2128.08.21 – Quaritch Rock 0901 – Are you implying that I’m lying, SOLDIER? We’ll sort this on the training field. You just have gained yourself 20 more hours of hard labor. And you didn’t finish the test you were given that day, SOLDIER!

2128.04 – Rank & Position Requirements Review & Exam
Rock AP 1019: Lieutenant, Quartermaster
Initial Recommendation: Commander Shuvers Aellyez
Position Exam: Commander Shuvers Aellyez

2128.04 – Quaritch Rock 0901 – I have here to give Rock AP 1019 a negative review on his performance on the events 2128.03.13. He has been unable too finish his regular marksmanship and skills tests for the current year. He’s irresponsible and unreliable.

2128.08 – GCS Templaria BGatekeeper 251 and Rock AP 1019 have starting a sexual relationship. This is normal in Corpworld society and is seen as something healthy for the physical and emotional condition of the Altered Ones.


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Rock AP 1019

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