Shuvers Aellyez

First Officer and Science Officer


Shuvers Aellyez
[Player: Mario Agrait Reyes]
Race: Etirans (Elf)
Sex/Born: Male/2003
Origin: Mithrila, Mana System
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Service Entry Date: 2119
Advancement: Smart:3/Mage:6/Field Scientist:3/(12)
Doctor Shuvers Aellyez Commander and First Officer -Doctor Aelyez is an elf from planet Mithrila that has assisted to the University of Space Sciences of planet Templaria graduating with high honors. After declining a post in that planet he worked for a year in planet New Venus in the Memory Alpha project where he joined the Isimovan Foundation of Thinkers. On his home planet he had to make some visits to Centauria and other Etiran moons and gained some reputation along the centaurs, minotaurs and cyclops of the Mana System. Baron Durin of Centauria calls him “presumptuos”. The Mithrila records show that Shuverz had an affair with an elf named Crialissa Hotweire, now a fugitive. For some reason nor Hotweire, nor Shuvers can stand the presense of Administrator Drakkar of the Merlin Space Fort. He’s currently the Science Officer of the GCS Penelope a Ranger class starship assigned to the Frontier.
Shuverz youth: Shuverz Aellyez was named Shuverz Silverseed on his home planet Mithrila were he is a heir to the title of prince of the richest province on Mithirl, the Silver Province. He’s son of Lady Aellyez Silverthornand nephew of both the late Vrom Silverleave and Lucius Silverleaf. He was committed in marriage to Lady Isandra Woodscepter. He was a rebelious young elf and very different to his mother and uncle Lucious. His hero was his uncle Vrom who was a rebeliuos adventurer too. Vrom changed and become the biggest politiciian and wizard of the Mana System. Shuverz left Mithrila, changed his name, enroll the Galactic Concord Military, and doesn’t like his family because he sees them as snobs.

Star Law Classification:
2094.00 – Merlin – Shuverz and the now criminal Hotweire broke Drakkars vault to stole the dangerous artifact Puzzle Box. They did it just for fun but discovered that Drakkar was a dragon. His mother Lady Aellyez classified his file to cover the family name.

2115.07 – Centauria – Shuvers Aellyez visits Centauria in a diplomatic mission for his home planet Mithrila. Baron Durin of Centauria. Baron Durin calls him “presumptuos”. Shuvers was working as a census officer from 2115 to 2120 and also visited planets Cyclopia, Goblinia and Drowia on the Mana System.

2126.06 The Doctor captures fugitive Orto Purell de la Torre on planet Grandos with the help of fellow crew member Penelope Ranger and the Grandos Police Force.

2126.05 The Doctor, with a rank of Leutenant Commander passes his online cualifications and is promoted to the rank of Commander with the recommendation of Captain Alexander Troy.

2126.08 The Commander is accused of stealing a Puzzle Box from Master Drakkar and arrested by Galactic Concord authorities in GCS Aleer B. The charges were later removed.

2126.12.15 – One of the founders of the Galactic Concord and the Mana System centralized government, Vrom Silverleave, dies when he’s killed by her fiance Isandra Woodscepter with the help of Vrom’s enemy, the Beholder Pirate Eye-To-Eye. The crew of the GCS Penelope discover the complot and wound the beholder with Vrom’s magic bow. Following his last request and testament, Vrom’s body is burried on planet Zh’a’dum and his magic bow (Silver Bow of the Stormy Moon) passes to his nephew Shuverz Silverseed.

2127.03.02 – Scientists members of the Isimovan Foundation of Thinkers Doctor Jonathan Smith, Dr. Megan Russell, Pamela Mercer, Doctor Shuvers Aellyez, Dr. George Miles Huer and Jennifer Agutteri had a secret meeting on the GalacNet to discuss the future of the Galactic Concord using psicohistory. The results of their research was kept secret and only known to Penelope Ranger beside them.

2123.03.13 – New Jupiter – Shuvers believes he has a way to restore the 7.75 hours missed from Rock AP 1019’s mind. He starts to build a sinaptic interfase to attempt the recovery.

2127.03.17 – Vrom Silverleave’s message arrives to his nephew Shuvers Aellyez: “May your ways be green and golden, my nephew. I have to tell you that the secret I was seeking, is buried, using your hands, your sweat, and your sorrow. No more words can exit my mouth, for fear of intruding ears, but I can tell you this: I’ll be happy when you look at me again.”

2127.05.30 – Gardh – The crew of the GCS Penelope sucessful complete a dangerous mission on the command center of the Gardhy, the brains behind the Klick invasion of the Galactic Concord. They are all given a Medal of Valor for their exellent service.

2127.07.16 – Commander Shuvers Aellyez of the GCS Penelope confronts Sister Larita Shaddy Juno of the Church of Betazeth with names and dates of all the members that has deserted from her organization and the encounter was declared by Sister Juno as a “personal attack against my beliefs and myself by this biggot-elven-aristocrat that is part of the same crew that started this slanders against the CoB”.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BAlfred Vesper, head of Project K, scores a major blow on the organization The Future when he devices a strategy to destroy their main starship the Star of Battle. As parts of his plan, he brainwashes Shuvers Aellyez and places the complete crew of the GCS Penelope and the GCS Templaria B in danger. Anyway he presents this event to Admiral James Luc Rodengene as a major victory and a big step to stop the two organizations.

2128.03.30 – After a psychological evaluation Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz assures the commander that there are no secondary effects of Alfred Vesper’s brainwashing on his mind, but Commander Shuvers Aellyez is not very happy about the whole events and files a complaint that Alfred Vesper immediately classifies.

2128.04.10 – Commander Shuvers Aellyez has asked Captain Alexander Troy for a reduction of responsibilities on his duties on the GCS Penelope. He feels that he needs time to pursuit his other two passions Magic and Science. As a compromise to the captain and the crew he will evaluate all crew members, file all necessary paperwork and evaluate all possible promotions pending, starting with recommendations for the new First Officer.

2128.08.30 – GCS Templaria B – Doctor Shuvers Aellyez recruits the help of Jadzi Dax to study and decipher a complex mathematical formula that Orto Purell de la Torre gave him. The formula proved to be a dub. Is a formula for time travel that could only work if the rules of physics of the universe were slightly different. So the formula will only work in an universe were a time paradox like the ones theoretically created by race known as The Timeless rule, like a parallel or pocket universe. The dates used in the formula are the same that the GCS Penelope was arriving to Central Point 2128.06.13.1328.

2128.09.01 – GCS Templaria B – Doctor Shuvers Aellyez recruits the help of Jadzi Dax and Miles Edward O’Brian to hack into a Elohim Data Crystals that Orto Purell de la Torre gave him. The data crystal had the coordinates and schematics of the Elohim LPhyre Embryo Vault located miles deep in planet Vaporworld.

2128.06.23 Estormia 2 – With the help of Dr. Xirius Vax and his experimental Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM) MINA are able to isolate a copy of Patricio on the Elohim Weather Control Device. Shuvers Aellyez, Irymer and Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan create a computer terminal, isolated in a chemical bath and copy the programming and technology to be able to access the EloNet.


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Shuvers Aellyez

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