Titus Shepard



Titus Shepard
(Player: Rodolfo Falero)
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2095
Origin: Roma Aeterna
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Advancement: Strong:3/Soldier:4/Field Officer:3/(10)
Titus Shepard, son of the renown general Arvant Shepard from New Terra, and married Lady Lania Augusta of Roma Aeterna which were the greatest allies of the Galactic Concord during this conflict. It is said that he is the spitting image of his father including his courage and sense of justice, a trait cultivated by her mother’s side of the family during his life in Roma Aeterna. Titus joined the Galactic Concord frontier escaping the shadow of his family in order to create a path for himself in the Galactic Concord.

The Augusta family is known to be shrouded in mystery and secrecy, since is one of the oldest and most respected family in Roma Aeterna. For its secrets are only revealed to those of blood lines, or most trusted friends of the family.

2124.12.28 – Titus Shepard was trained to be a member of the Galactic Concord Marine Branch on the main Galactic Concord Academy on The Two Sol Systems.

2125.01 – New JupiterTitus Shepard served under commander Frank Murphy on GCS Jovian One Military Platform and was able to escort Paris Lagerfield Murphy, the commander’s niece, to a military ball.

2125.10 – New JupiterTitus Shepard and Loifen had a short but passionate relationship before each one of them is send to a different planet.

2127.08.11 – Tazara meets Titus Shepard at GCS Templaria B when they are both taking their final practice test on both pilot training, and basic close combat training. They also took their officer grade exam in the same facility. They take the close combat training with Coronel Quaritch Rock 0901 and their pilot test with Commander Kara Thrace.

2128.05.17 – “ … ad protegendum, lupus timeri.”

2128.06 – New Mars – Titus Shepard is one of the soldiers to be trained with the new model of marine armor the N7. The new model has the enhancements: Chameleon and Sealed Environment.

2128.08.20 – Lt Titus Shepard is assigned as part of the contingent of marines in the GCS Penelope, were he will be reporting to Lt. Draeli

2128.09 – Templaria IIIRomo Sawyer takes the case of Brat Carrion after Titus Shepard accidentally shot him when interrogating him in the Templar Police Force headquarters. He was able to bail him and later Heavy Metal and some members of the gang Demon Rain tried to kill Brath Carrion but failed and were arrested. He also took Dace Diath case and later Heavy Metal’s.

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Titus Shepard

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