Luciferian Diabolist Lawyer


[Player: Isander]
Race: Luciferians
Sex/Born: Male/2100
Origin: Inferno
Current: Central Point
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Outsider:2/Charismatic:5/Diabolist:3
Vengeance and Greed are two Luciferians brothers that deal into the demonic arts: the first is a Diabolist and the second a Necromancer. There he worked a few times for Mister Green.

They left their home planet Inferno some years ago and found out that their arts that were commonplace there were prohibited on other planets. They became criminals and stayed on Central Point. Few people know that they have a special hatred for the Elohim Empire because when that race slaved the Luciferians more than two thousand years ago they killed 90% of their population during the First Galactic War. Both brothers are interested in travelling and learning about the Elohims and they have one piece of a puzzle: the oldest books on planet Inferno speak of a group of Elohims that escaped extinction hiding after the First Galactic War.

2126.12 – The two brothers moved inside Central Point, specifically in a place nicknamed Black Magic Woman that is home to practitioners of the dark arts and other supernatural creatures. A Black Magic Market is the main trade of that level with goods and services related to the occult been there for those who know who to ask.

Vengance can summon up to 2 Fiend Fleshraker (Knife Fiend), if he tries real hard, one of them can be an advanced Fleshraker. The same way that Greed is a priest in their home world, Vengance is a Lawyer. He makes sure that his client is found guilty and that he goes to jail to suffer.

2128.04.28 – Vengance and his brother Greed are hired as members of the crew of the Gray Crow by the Dynamite Gang.

2128.06 – Central PointGreed and Vengance used their money and magical scikles to have the Luciferian Demon Bladeguns crafted.

2128.06 – Central PointJane Blood Masters follows the trail of the Elohim Timeless Engine and finds out that Irymer and the brothers Greed and Content Not Found: vengeance destroyed the Engine of the Flicker when trying to get more information from it. Jane also took the Elohim Data Crystals that the brothers brought from planet Inferno. But the data from both the computer of the Flicker and the data crystal was already retrieved and studied by the three men.

2128.06 Inferno – Angelicus tries to take a Elohim Timeless Engine from the crew of the GCS Penelope and recognizes Greed’s brother, Vengance.

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