Victor A.



Victor A.
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Current: dead
Alliances: The Future
Advancement: Smart:4/Scientist:8/Engineer:4
Doctor Viktor A. is a scientific genius that was recruited (or maybe built) by the organization The Future. His obsession or mission was to find out about dead civilizations, to acquire their technology and science and – if possible – replicate it. He was working with Reed Moebius in this mission.

212.05.21 – PetraVictor A. and a small army of Nestor Clone Crew infiltrate as Doctor Michael Vidal to find and steal the LiFinesh Device from planet Petra. He recruits the Celacanto Crew to use them as cannon folder and to transport the device on their ship the Celacanto.

2128.06.23 – PetraVictor A. retrieves the LiFinesh Device from the Vakiria Mines. Priest Ouro-kcazak confess that they have been hiding the Elohim Empire device for more than 2000 years because they couldn’t destroy it. He tell everybody that “violence will wake the sleeping one”.

2128.07.03 – The Fraal Starcity CH1C4G0 move to the source of a communication jamming that is cutting communications between the N’sss Colonies and the Galactic Concord. They find the LMC Blue Nebula who is PL6 but has been modified with a PL8 system by Patricio. When boarded by Fraals Soldiers they find the crew as slaves of the machinery to improve the computer and Victor A. connected to the machine as a type of pilot or trigger. The ship explodes as do a set of mines cloaked around the area. The Fraals’ ship receive minimum damage.


Victor A.

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