Race: Sathars
Sex/Born: Male/2080
Origin: Unknown
Current: Sathar Hegemony Shadow planets
Alliances: Sathar Hegemony
Advancement: Dedicate:3/Charismatic:3/Field Officer:10
―That fear in your eyes… it is obvious that you recognize my species. Relax. I am not here to harm you or anyone else here. It is unfortunate that you believe the lies you have been told. Come with me, and let us discuss the misperceptions they promote about my species.
Captain Volturnus is the commander of the Sathar Hegemony frigate SHF-362. He patrols and abuses of his power around the shadow planets between his government sphere of influence, the Medurr Empire space and the Galactic Concord. He‘s a evil man who abuses of his power and attacks shadow planets for his own benefit. His small fleet include the SHF -362 a frigate.

2125.01 – Shadow Planets – Volturnus is known for his Volturnus Expedition were he hired a series of human pirates to set foot on one of the Kalmathu Planets and “stir the anthill a little”, causing the Kalmathu to attack the Ringunmor Star Consortium.

2128.06.22 Ringunmor Star Consortium – The GCS Penelope are been followed by followed by Volturnus of the Sathar Hegemony who has allied himself to Angelicus from planet Inferno and are after the Elohim Empire device, the Elohim Timeless Engine.

2128.06.23 Estormia 2 – Captain Volturnus enters Galactic Concord space and drops Sathar Hegemony Preda Marine to try to capture the Elohim Weather Control Device and the Elohim Timeless Engine. He is outsmarted by the crew of the GCS Penelope and has to flee from the area.

2128.06.23 Estormia 2Volturnus used his powers to charm Dr. Efrop Ross and use his facility and tools to try to steal the Elohim Weather Control Device when they are discovered by Vengance and Ziz Eris, Volturnus kills him. He survives thanks the medicine of The Fraals.




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