Race: N’sss
Sex/Born: Unknown
Origin: N’s
Current: New Terra
Alliances: N’sss Colonies
Vosh of N’s -Embassador of the [[N’sss Colonies]] to the Galactic Concord and a very complex individual that can be both enigmatic and sarcastic. As the only N’sss outside the N’sss Colonies space and with diplomatic immunity, he can travel in his ship to any part of the Galactic Concord without trouble from the authorities. The ship is named NCS Ambassy.

A call from Ambassador Vosh of the [[N’sss Colonies]]. Vosh rarely communicates with other Ambassadors and the N’sss Colonies recently helped the Galactic Concord when the Thuldan Empire betrayed them. He knows about a classified mission that Judge Lovotz had on planet Pipeworld when following the last of the Elohims to that planet. He wants to ask the Judge one favor. He wants Lovotz to isolate a prisoner they have on GCS Templaria B that is related to that mission. His name is Harry Mudd. He was incarcerated by Lovotz for his relation to the Psionic Operatives (Church of Betazeth war vs The Future). Vosh wants to be the first to interrogate Mudd and a petition to keep Alfred Vesper (from PsiCorp) away from the prisoner.

2128.04 – Ambassador Vosh of the N’sss Colonies has a meting with Ambassador Colicos Balthar were Vosh speaks the following words: " Please, doesn’t make any trouble to my friend Judge Lovotz. He was only pleasing my personal request. " This two sentences became viral in the Galacnet and everyone believes that Lovotz has the same level of confident with Vosh than Admiral James Luc Rodengene.

Starship: NCS Ambassy



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