Walon Vau

Aerian Tracer


Walon Vau
[Player: Hector Joel Jamaicac]
Race: Aerians
Sex/Born: Male/2107
Origin: The City of Lights
Current: Central Point
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Strong:3/Tracer:6/Space Creature:1
Walon Vau is a member of the recently discovered race called the Aerians who have been living in The City of Lights and are now located on planet Zhadum. He is very young but has always been an outcast of his tribe. His passion for weapons and battle, started since he was a small boy and grew with him. Unfortunate he was unable to become a warrior because of the opposition of his peacekeeping people and was always seen as weird. He did learned to hunt, to track and to be able to find anyone anywhere on The City of Lights. He became a Tracer.

2128.04 – Now that the people are free he followed his cousin Ziz Eris to the place called Central Point. He wants to join the Dynamite Gang and to have many adventures. He wants to taste de passion of the hunt and the blood racing for the kill.

2128.04.30 – Walon Vau arrives to Central Point after he steals a Plasma Pistol and Plasma Rifle from a Galactic Concord officer.

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Walon Vau

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