Xirius Vax

Head of Science


Xirius Vax
Race: Humans (Tornians)
Sex/Born: Male/2074
Origin: Estormia 2
Current: Estormia 2
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Advancement: Smart:3/Fields Scientist:7
Doctor Xirius Vax is the Head Administrator of Science and in charge of the Science Complex of Ayla located west of the Capital City of Garth. He is blind but have never been able to effectively use Cybernetics due to his natural electrical discharge frying the cybernetics circuits. His more recent project is his own Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM) who he named MINA.

2128.06.23 Estormia 2 – With the help of Dr. Xirius Vax and his experimental Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM) MINA are able to isolate a copy of Patricio on the Elohim Weather Control Device. Shuvers Aellyez, Irymer and Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan create a computer terminal, isolated in a chemical bath and copy the programming and technology to be able to access the EloNet.


Xirius Vax

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