Ziz Eris

Space Creature


Ziz Eris
[Player: Jess Moi]
Race: Aerians
Sex/Born: Female/2100
Origin: The City of Lights
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Dynamite Gang
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Strong:3/Soldier:4 (Space Creature)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ziz Eris is a humanoid mutant space creature with the capacity to survive in the vacuum of space. The only memory of her past is an illuminated city. The Galactic Concord Military trained her as they studied her abilities and she finished the military school with recommendations. The only person she really trusts is Irymer as he befriended her when she awoke without memories but that doesn’t stop her to try to be a good officer between the diversity of races that belong to the Galactic Concord.

2125.09.19: Ziz was found by the GCS Diamond floating in space.

2127.04.15: Ensign Ziz Eris is raised to the rank of Leiutenant Junior Grade.

2127.05.30: Lt.J.G. Ziz was assigned as Gunner of the Ranger Class Scout, the GCS Icarus. The ship was assignment to Templaria B starbase as part of a new force to patrol and protect the frontier. She is raised to the rank of Leiutenant Junior Grade.

2127.06.30: Mila Ultra 113 and Ziz Eris play poker with Bret Duvall at Smoking Aces. They are forced to give away personal secrets in exchange of information about their captain, ship and crew.

2127.06.30: Some members of the crew of the GCS Icarus are involved in a bar fight on the Smoking Aces bar at GCS Templaria B. This include, Icarus Ranger, Mila Ultra 113, Ziz Eris, Irymer y Nikola the Vile. Junto a ellos estaban marines del 44th y Penelope Ranger del GCS Penelope. As no one was hurt they received a warning on their file and were returned to their respective commanding officers the next day just in time for their first metting with Commander Chennault.

2127.10.26 – Moreau – Ziz Eris embarc in a spiritual quest to find a strange man named The Prophet that lives on planet Moreau. She had the blessings of her Captain Sheeba and seven days leave. Ziz discovered the man on Kittiol Cannon were he talk to her in a enigmatic wayt: “we are not mean to find each other today, we have to wait a long time for that”. She didn’t agree and asked him about her past: “your actions will change our path of destiny”. Eventually he told her some information about their past and some about their future before dying in the hands of General Roar Patton’s men. Prophet and Zis Eris are members of an old race that were roaming the galaxy prior to the First Galactic War. Some older and powerful race commited an error and their home planet died. The race took the survivors and placed them in a special plance named the “Star City”. Ziz also discovered that a boy and a girl are searching for a way to find this Star City for some evil purpouse.

2127.10.30 – Moreau – Ziz Eris has a heated discussion Captain Sheeba and Commander Chenault via Galacnet. She informs them of the information given by the man named Prophet and how her people could be in danger. The answer of Sub-Admiral Matthew Dougherty is “We have not enough resources to expend them on following myths and legends.” This makes Ziz Eris very furious.

2128.03 – The winged man known as Prophet appears in a vision to Ziz Eris and makes her remember how to use The Key. After her encounter she started to receive a lot of random memories in her mind. Many of them she couldn’t understand completely because they were scrambled. She remembered that she lived in The City of Lights and that she went with Prophet in a mission outside the city for an important reason: “We can have anything in the city of lights we can live like kings. But there is one thing that is denied to the denizens of the ancient’s city. We (Zis Eris and Prophet) were able to got that one thing. That’s why we are here.”

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [09:01:18]
2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Mutiny. Stealing a Galactic Concord Military Starship. Assassination of María Vázquez. Kidnapping of GC officers Sheba and Aroisarit.

CRL: None.

Notes: None.

2128.06.22 – PetraZiz Eris informs Lae Usdod and Barin Arborian of the return of the Aerians and rebuild of Zhadum. Lae is living on planet Petra with her father Vultan(!) and grandfather Vulton(!) without knowledge of that. A understanding between the two aerians is made and they agree to make a deal later if Lae is unable to acquire a visa to leave Petra.


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Ziz Eris

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