Bezhin 6 - 2128.09.28

2128.09.28 – Bezhin 6Grom Animus is freed from his prison on The Tower by his followers and starts a civil war on the planet. The Tyrant’s Army takes Vortis Supply Stations Number 4 and the Central Communication Center. There they interrupt the Galacnet Relay Station and the Menoptra Government Council is unable to call for help to the Galactic Concord. The rest of the key locations are still under the control of the government. Local traffic has been stopped and almost all trade ships have abandoned the planet following a message from the tyrant that he will behead any outsider who helps the current government. Pirate ships from the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate are helping the tyrant performing a blockage of the system. The only starship close enough to help is the GCS Penelope.

GCS Penelope 2128.09

2128.09 – Templaria III – The crew of the GCS Penelope and the Templar Police Force followed the leads of the weapons that Brat Carrion had in his apartment to Nova Arms and Dace Diath and discovered that he was marking batches of Galactic Concord Marine Plasma Rifles]] as faking destroying them to sell them to the Blood Axis. They were able to formulate charges against Dace Diath and Brat Carrion and also to arrest a group of members of the Demon Rain gang and Heavy Metal. It was discovered that the weapons were shipped to Bezhin 6 to be smuggled by Kovania and the Abatal Gang.

2128.09 – Templaria IIIRomo Sawyer takes the case of Brat Carrion after Titus Shepard accidentally shot him when interrogating him in the Templar Police Force headquarters. He was able to bail him and later Heavy Metal and some members of the gang Demon Rain tried to kill Brath Carrion but failed and were arrested. He also took Dace Diath case and later Heavy Metal’s.

Dynamite Gang 2128.07.01

2128.07.01 – Central Point – The crew of the Dynamite Gang search The Lowers of Central Point for Orlanda Data Cube and find a few monsters and a crazy Deacon Condor who is helping Orlanda A.I. in her joined quest for revenge against the Dynamite Gang. Two members of the Dynamite Gang are clever devious enough to trick Orlanda A.I., Ziz Eris and Vengance. She knows now not to trust anything that they said. The cube is now in the hands of Irymer who captain Dianne Kubiac assigned the task of hacking the PL9 computer to be turn her into their slave.

2128.07.01 – Central PointIrymer, Vengance and Greed of the Dynamite Gang are able to hack another Elohim Data Crystals sent to them by Orto Purell de la Torre and discover the coordinates of both laboratories in planet Inferno with an schematic of each lab that includes access points. In this crystal the secretive Elohim Ferro Lab 2 is called “The Ancients Revenge T.C. – E.C.” whatever that means.

GCS Penelope 2128.08.29

2128.08.29 – Templaria III – With join efforts of the crew of the GCS Penelope and the Templar Police Force an attack on the Paradiso Train Lines to destroy the last available shipment of compound GV-5033 was averted. The GV-5033 was needed to stop an outbreak of the Death Seed Plague on the Templaria III provinces. The footage of the battle was not enough to identify the mercenaries used in the attack only that they were attacking using three MECHA Scourge (Huge). The attackers escaped.

2128.08.29 – GCS Templaria B – Doctor Shuvers Aellyez studies the file of Kylee Hanaran and discovers some strange information missing, her last two to three years are ok, but before that the information is fragmented and incomplete. He also takes her to Doctor Stephen Franklin and they perform a series of tests on her: DNA test, DNA Planetary Signature test, PPP Test, PPE Test and Mutant test. they took a sample of DNA to check if she is a clone of Violet.

GCS Penelope 2128.08.28

2128.08.28 – Templaria III – The Blood Axis tries a series of terrorists attacks on three different targets on the Capitol City. The targets were attacked by terrorists directed by mercenaries hired from the Shadow Planets so that the Templar Police Force have no information on their backgrounds or modus operandi. The mercenaries were identified as Ghost Nova, Heavy Metal and Vulcanizer, The last one was killed by Mirns. The attacks were stopped by the crew of the GCS Penelope and the targets were saved. The targets were: The main headquarters on the city of Misla Corporation, the COPA Henry Paqmoc and Judge Arca Jeth.

Dynamite Gang -2128.07

2128.07 – Central Point – The Malthar of the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate receives information about a traitor in his ranks from the disappeared Orlanda. The message arrives in Orlanda Data Cube and accuses Captain Dianne Kubiac of the Dynamite Gang of still been working with the Galactic Concord. The Malthar immediately places a bounty of 50,000 credits over Kubiac’s head and everybody on the stations starts hunting her. Killbot is one of the bounty hunters that follows and almost catches Kubiac. At the end acting captain Kran’Kiz’kosh and the rest of the Dynamite Gang help their captain by presenting the Malthar with evidence of Kubiac desertion and crimes.

Dynamite Gang 2128.08.01

2128.08 – Central Point – On planet Inferno the brothers Greed and Vengance found a Elohim Empire data crystal but it was partially broken and cannot be read. Because they have PL5 on planet Inferno they needed to find people with more Progress Level and machines to repair it by regenerating the crystal. After the repair they need to decipher the Elohim Data Crystals in order to understand the information. The information found on the data crystal was about the experiments done by the Elohim Empire on planet Inferno.

Dynamite Gang 2128.08

2128.08 – Central PointJane Blood Masters follows the trail of the Elohim Timeless Engine and finds out that Irymer and the brothers Greed and Content Not Found: vengeance destroyed the Engine of the Flicker when trying to get more information from it. Jane also took the Elohim Data Crystals that the brothers brought from planet Inferno. But the data from both the computer of the Flicker and the data crystal was already retrieved and studied by the three men.

GCS Penelope 2128.06.29

2128.06.29 – Central Point – The Starlost‘s crew does some business with the Shinguz Clan on Central Point but also steal a collar from Prince Bluma’ar causing a series of events that end with Bluma’ar killing Irmor and Mirns killing Bluma’ar.

2128.07.07 – Central Point – The new leader of the Hubassa Clan, Nyems(!) uses the money of Bluma’ar and organics his clan with more freedom and care. He is a wisest leader and thanks Mirns for helping them and all the Cat Folks.

2128.07.10 – OsirisMirns of the Cait, sends the Collar of the Thirteen Tribes to her consort Tegromor on planet Osiris to force him to receive the other clans in his planet and care for them for 50 years. Whit the majority of the Cat Folks united, the Galactic Concord has to gave them back their planet Felinia when the terraforming process is completed in 50 years.

The Timeless 2128.06

2128.06 – Central PointViolet gets trapped in a time anomaly involving a Weeping Angels and to fix the anomaly she finishes a series of events that causes that two Violets now exists in the current timeline. The second Violet knows everything that happened and the first doesn’t. Orto Purell de la Torre helps her the second Violet to escape.


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