Dynamite Gnag 2128.06

2128.06 – Central Point – The Malthar’s Crime Syndicate is very happy of the resolution of the last mission performed by the Dynamite Gang. Captain Dianne Kubiac performance is seen as “something that pleases the Great and Wise Malthar”. Thanks to the gang, the Malthar was able to make Orno Vush suffer for trying to double cross him.

2128.05 – With the help of the Dynamite Gang, Orto Purel de la Torre is able to stole the starship Flicker from Orno Vush on planet ReDlof Wen. They take the ship to Central Point were the old engine broke and Violet 2 emerged. The new Violet has seen all his friends and family die in the hand of the Weeping Angels and other creatures inside Central Point. She looks scare for the first time on her life and she doesn’t understand what happened.

GCS Penelope 2128.04.30

2128.04.30 Judge Galaxina reinstalls Judge Lovotz. Alfred Vesper is the hero of Admiral Rodengene but is under investigation by Judge Galaxina. GCS Templaria B receives the visit of the most alien and powerful ambassador in the known galaxy, Vosh of the N’sss Colonies and he befriends Lovotz who finds his status of pariah converted into a celebrity. Violet hits Shuvers, Lovotz and John Heart Masters.

GCS Penelope 2128.04

2028.04 – Thanks to the intervention of the crew of the GCS Penelope and the Dynamite Gang that made a quick and short term alliance to fight The Future and The Holy Blade, the artifact of The Ancients known as The Purifier was discovered, repaired in a 86%, and sent in a travel to other realities in search of its masters. Both The City of Lights and the Planet Killer were components of the Purifier and disappeared from this reality too.

Dynamite Gang 2128.04.01

2128.04.01 – Thuldan Empire – The Dynamite Gang working for the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate attack the starship TF Cyrannian-18 and steal its cargo.

GCS Penelope 2128.03.20

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BAlfred Vesper trap works and he is able to kill three members of the organization named The Future: Beyonder, Syringe and Oklosuro and destroy the PL8 starship the Star of Battle.

GCS Penelope 2128.03.13

2128.03.13 – Alfred Vesper manipulated people and abused of his power to be able to get the legal permits to enter Violet‘s mind and discover why Oklosuro claims that she is “The Key”, and what The Key is. He was able to convince Judge Galaxina and Doctor George Miles Huer and to have Judge Lovotz temporary deposed of his position and rank under the charges of treason. Commander Shuvers Aellyez is able to convince Doctor Huer to change his mind at the last moment, postponing Violet’s fate. Alfred Vesper forcibly recruits Lovotz, now a common citizen, as part of the team.

2128.03.13 – Alfred Vesper hid The Abomination that was Olarda’s Son on his lab until it tried to rescue itself and caused a lot of commotion and damage to station GCS Templaria B and its crew specially the Marine division. Eventually Mar’IigniaS’irthiz was able to kill it.

Dynamite Gang 2128.04.09

Zudron’s Shack
Cargo stolen from cargo ship
A cargo of electronic devices is been schedule to arrive to planet Zubron. This electronics are used for pressure, temperature and atmosphere on the domes of the different underwater farms. They are expensive and Zudron has no factories to build them. The cargo is going to arrive to the system escorted by a Thuldan Empire Strike Cruiser and the in-system patrol, a small fleet of Assault Fighters that are assigned to that planet’s system, are responsible of escorting the cargo ship to the surface.
What is needed?
• Speak to Now on Rat Hole to get the current codes and frequencies used by the Zudron’s Imperial Patrol.
• Speak to Now on Rat Hole to get a safe route in-and-out of the Thuldan Empire’s planet Zudron.
• Also buy from Now a fake signal of a Thuldan Empire ship in distress.
• Buy a Cry Baby. Program the fake signal.
• Buy at least three Trajectory Decoy Buoy.
• Have contact with a second Malthar’s cargo ship Eerie.
The job?
1. Arrive to coordinates near Zubron. Leave the Cry Baby in position.
2. Move closer to the system.
3. Disguise the signature of both the Gray Crow and the cargo shuttles as assault fighters.
4. When the convoy is close to the system activate the Cry Baby.
5. The Strike Cruiser escort will call the local patrol to inform of the transmission. Capture that frequency and answer it with the current codes that you got from Now.
6. Tell the Strike Cruiser that you are the Assault Fighter patrol and that you are nearby. Tell them to check on the distress signal and you will continue the escort mission to Zubron.
7. When the Strike Cruiser is gone approach the cargo ship, attack it and stole its cargo. Be sure to jam all frequencies so that they cannot call for help.
8. If you are not fast enough and the Strike Cruiser or the In-System Patrol are in top of you, use the Trajectory Decoy Buoy to escape.

Dynamite Gang 2128.03.26

2128.03.26 – The [[Malthar’s Crime Syndicate]] hired the Dynamite Gang to clean up a sewer of Chemical Golems. Inside a secret vault they found more than a hundred Karezoids in cryogenic animation and the chemicals were giving the creatures a special resistance to fire. They were part of a secret project of the Tyrant Grom Animus that was left undiscovered after the revolution. The fixer for this mission, [[Hopper]], gave a good recommendation to the Dynamite Gang and send them to meet the [[Malthar himself on planet Tattoine 4.

Dynamite Gang 2128.03.19

2128.03.19 – Bezhin 6 – The Dynamite Gang make dealings with Khopa Hopper and Furlow for the refit of the Gray Crow using vital components of the GCS Icarus and then disposing of the Galactic Concord starship. They are able to use a Ghostnet node controlled by the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate to contact freelancers around the Neutral Zone and hire the crew they need for the Gray Ghost.

Dynamite Gang 2128.03.04

2128.03.04 – Ringunmor Star Consortium frontier – After an elaborate ruse the Dynamite Gang were able to steal again the GCS Icarus but the remaining crew of the Galactic Concord starship escaped with half a dozen hostage children from planet Ciden II. Captain and Lord Hydeand Queranos, Admiral of the Twelve Fleet, Captain of the RSC Exhuberant, and the Regent’s brother-in-law, used his Warhammers Marines to rescue Captain Sheba from the pirates provoking the criminals to kill three of the hostages anf the footage of the incident was broadcast through the Galacnet.


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