GCS Penelope 2126.06

2126.06.06AG The government of Grandos, part of the Galactic Concord export containers of raw resillium used to build MECHA and Vehicles frames and armors. The pirate ship “The Last” has been attacking some of the cargo ships and stealing their cargo. Grandite are a peaceful race but not stupid and have riposte with more grandite guards on the cargo ships. Cannibal found a solution to that: he hired the moreau assassin Beast. The Crew of the GCS Penelope stopped both criminals that are now jailed in the prison planet New Pluto.

The crew of the GCS Penelope are the ones who “let the cat out of the bag” and caused the civil war on Skarrab….

2126.06 The First Kroath Civil War started and was stopped by Graakan soldiers in less than one year (2126.10). The war starts when the kroaths find out that the members of the Pro-Klick fractions are been “possessed” by some kind of unknown force.

2126.06.28AG The GCS Penelope is sent to Skarrab to escort an immigrant ship named KS Exodus full of kroaths immigrants that want to return to be part of humanity. They discover a few things about their society and way of living. The cryogenic ship has 100,000 kroaths trained to believe they are humans and with their minds erased using MNEMO-N1C Compound.

2126.07.02AG The GCS Penelope is able to escort the 200 years old starship KS Exodus who arrive relatively safe to planet Grandos with some damage from a Klicks attack. 1,071 colonists are declared dead and their bodies taken away by the ship OSL Skywalker.

GCS Penelope 2126.05

The GCS Penelope and Judge Lovotz are assigned to help Councilor Matilda Amidalius in this mission:

2126.05.16 Thanks to the diplomatic skill of Councilor Matilda Amidalius and the Bajorian Rebellion the Four planets of the now known as Diamond Cluster are joined to the Galactic Concord adding new planets and warships to the war effort against the Klicks. The Bajorian Resistance Movement takes control of space station CE Terek Nor and declares independence from the Cardassians. The Bajorian Provisional Government ask the Galactic Concord representative Councilor Matilda Amidalius to join her government. At the end of the negotiations Bajor gains independence and the station as a way of protecting themselves.

GCS Penelope 2126.02

The GCS Penelope is able to pass near by the [[N’sss Colonies]] and the Kroath Planets but the Kroaths are in pursuit. They are able to make some repairs on the lost colony Elasya 3 and later they found the starship GCS Valiant in its way to the frontier with The Klicks.

2126.02AG The crew of the “GCS Penelope” and the “GCS Valiant” worked together to get back to the Galactic Concord with information pertinent to the Klick War that nullifies the advantage that the klicks had over the G.C. Information gained by the crew of the GCS Penelope shows that the Thuldan Empire knew about klick-like technology for many years and destroyed all evidence (planet Tholia).

They discover that the Kroaths were actually humans. The secret that the N’s abducted humans from Earth long time ago to create their army of Kroaths and that they genetically modified some of them to create the Graakan was uncovered. The Tholian machine was studied and Galactic Concord starships were modified so they can detect Klick Starships. A dangerous compound MNEMO-N1C Compound was discovered and it affected the crew of the GCS Valiant and in some degree the crew of the GCS Penelope. Violet discovered that her lost memory is because of this compound and that she can’t recover it.

GCS Penelope 2125.11

The crew of the GCS Penelope are helping capture two criminals that are been seen around the starbase GCS Templaria B who is in orbit around planet Templaria III. The criminals are captured, not without more than a little effort, Orto Purell de la Torre and Violet are placed under the custody of Judge Lovotz. Then, something happens:

2125.11AG An attempt by unknown operatives to destroy the GCS Templaria B starport orbiting the Planet Templaria III was avoided by members of the Star Law Frontier. At the same time, high ranking members of the Order of the Silver Light announced a change in their order’s hierarchy. Now the Purifiers will be the higher ranking members of the order.

Judge Lovotz recruited the assistance of the GCS Penelope and its crew to pursuit a escaping shuttle (The Detrol) with the terrorists that try to destroy GCS Templaria B. Two prisoners, Orto Purell de la Torre and a girl named Violet, were inside the ship and became part of the mission.

The pursuit continued until the GCS Penelope found that the pirate ship Hook had attacked and killed the terrorists… the still followed some clues to find out who these attackers were.

Searching the derelict ship, Judge Lovotz found evidence that pointed to a planet inside the Thuldan Empire sphere of influence, planet Tholia. Because the permits to enter the empire take a lot of time, Orto Purell de la Torre suggested entering the empire “using a back door” and a rumor that certain Etiran Baron has been caught by Star Law for visiting the same planet illegally.

A visit to planet Centauria on the Mana System and a diplomatic breakthrough by Violet, allowed Judge Lovotz and Captain Alexander Troy to speak to Baron Durin of Centauria and find out how he has entered the Thuldan Empire in his Spelljamer starship The Pegataur. They then travelled to a den of thieves floating in space inside a starship junkyard called Rat Hole and contacted an artificial named Now. For the right amount of credits a save route to Tholia was plotted and the GCS Penelope was on its way.

On planet Tholia the remains of a strange culture, with a strange crystal technology that was catalogued C-Tech, and that was completely obliterated from orbit by the fleet of the Thuldan Empire, was found.

C-Tech was also the technology used by the new enemies of the Galactic Concord named The Klicks. A very difficult to understand and detect by galactic concord technology. A machine that could be used to detect the technology was found and the crew of the GCS Penelope had to escape before they could be found by the soldiers of the Thuldan Empire.
Before leaving, Violet touched the crystal carcass of a dead Tholian and her Telephat Brain capture images of the tholian’s massacre including part of their language.


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