Aeria Port

Aeria Port
Ringunmor Star Consortium
Aeria Port is an anti grav floating facility of PL7 located on the atmosphere of planet Petra and in charge of its military security. From there the Planetary Defense Grid is controlled, the system is been monitored, arriving ships are secured and patrols are organized. A full morian floating military installation that monitors and controls all military and non-military ships. Communication via Galacnet to the Ringunmor Star Consortium Fleet is possible and a task force response is usually received in less than 10 hours. The locals of the planet refer to the people that works on the station as " Bird People ".

Commander Nilsla Doruank is in charge of the facility and responds directly to Baron Ming Caligari Austerince.

Ships of Heavyweight or more stay in orbit and shuttles transport the cargo in and out of the planet. Ships of Mediumsize or less can dock on Aeria Port or on a smaller port located on Petra City.

Aeria Port monitors other types of defense like:

The stats of the platform are the same as a Star Carrier with the difference that instead of attack fighters they have A-Grav Bargles and RSC Marines. Instead of weapons the monitor and control the Defense Grid.
PL7 Building and Security Stats:
• Security Doors: Def: 5; Hard: 10; HP: 60; Break DC: 28; Disable Device DC (high quality): 30.
• Building Computerized Controls (Exceptional Security): Defeat Computer Security DC (full round action): 39.
• Generator: Disable Device DC (high quality): 30.

2127.12.12 Petra – An alien signal of unknown technology was detected by the Aeria Port Authorities. The signal was un-identified, encrypted, and was not stopped on time, so it reaches the planet surface. Records indicate that the signal was aiming for the Vakiria mountains home of the Vakiria Mines.

Aeria Port

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